B&B Thursday Update 1/23/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/23/14


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Charlie tells Quinn that he feels guilty about helping her son get Hope by helping him pull off the diamond heist. He says now Wyatt has Hope and Liam has nothing. Quinn doesn't look happy.

Liam learns from Caroline that Hope has already left with Wyatt.

Wyatt tells Hope they are good to go on their road trip, because the trailer is in perfect shape. Hope wants to take pictures and Wyatt takes some. Hope pulls Wyatt into a kiss while they take pictures.

Quinn tells Charlie that he did this company a huge favor but Charlie says he was tricked by her son. Quinn says he was part of a publicity stunt but he says that faking a jewel heist is not a publicity stunt; it's a crime. He says there are two men in jail for something that they didn't do. He says he is an officer of the law and he can't live with that. Quinn orders him to live with it as Pam arrives. Charlie offhandedly says that he has to get back to work leaving Pam to grow curious as to why he looked so flustered.

Liam asks Caroline if she knows where Hope went with Wyatt but she says no. She then advises Liam that if he wants to win a lover, he should let her go. Liam doesn't look like he likes that advice at all.

Wyatt and Hope share kisses and happy moments during their road trip playing football and hanging out on the beach.

Pam talks to Quinn about how she's worried about Charlie. She says she's thinking of talking to him but Quinn tells her in her opinion she should just leave it alone; it'll pass. Quinn takes Pam to lunch in an effort to keep her away from Charlie and speaking to him about what's bothering him.

Liam vents out his frustrations to Caroline over how badly his wedding day went. He says Quinn is responsible for it and he knows it. Caroline asks him if he thinks Wyatt knows about his mother's actions and Liam says yes he thinks he does know and not only that but Wyatt is covering up for her.

Wyatt shows Hope the inside of his trailer. Hope says it's so him and says she loves it. Wyatt says that's good because it's going to be home sweet home for a while. Wyatt says he wants this trip to be something for them to look back on later. Hope say she's really glad they are doing this. Wyatt asks if they can speak about his mother for a second which interests Hope. Wyatt tells Hope that his mother has always been very protective of him. He says he just doesn't want her to be surprised if that happens again. He tells Hope that he has done some wrong things in the past too, but it doesn't matter anymore because who he was back then and who he is now are two different people. He says and that difference is her. Hope looks touched at his words.

Pam and Quinn talk at the restaurant over lunch. Pam tells Quinn that she didn't have to do this. Quinn tells Pam to believe her; she wanted to do this. Pam asks her why and Quinn says she doesn't get out often. Pam has a hard time believing that but Quinn says she rarely gets the time as she is usually working all the time. Quinn tells Pam she doesn't really have a lot of friends. Pam says well she's still new at the company but Quinn says it's just that the people at Forrester are not really her type. Pam asks her what her type is and Quinn says real, honest, interesting. She says everyone at Forrester is a little bit stuck up if she gets what she means. Pam says she does leaving Quinn to laugh and say she was impressed with her since the first time they met. Quinn tells Pam she really wants to be her friend and they share a toast to friendship while she smirks having ulterior motives for becoming Pam's friend.

Wyatt asks Hope if he messed up his chances of being with her by telling her everything he said today. Hope says no, honesty never messes up anything, not when it comes to her anyway. Hope says they both have very interesting parents so if he doesn't judge her for hers then she won't judge him for his. Wyatt says deal and they laugh and share a kiss before Wyatt tells Hope he has something for her. He hands her a box and steps out to leave. Hope asks him where he's going and he says to set something up. Hope looks excited as she looks at the present in her hands.

Pam and Quinn continue talking and Pam tells her about a time in her life when she did a lot of wrong things. She sighs and says but she likes to think that was in the past and she's different now. She asks Quinn if she's ever done anything wrong as in really wrong. Quinn says well she has done something recently that has been weighing on her. She says it's about her son making Pam curious.

Liam tells Caroline that he has to protect Hope from Quinn; he is worried she could really hurt her while Hope and Wyatt kiss each other on the beach.

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