B&B Wednesday Update 1/22/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/22/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Oliver asks Wyatt what is so fascinating. Wyatt shows him the trailer and says it looks nice. He explains that he is going on a trip with Hope away from everyone. He believes that he has to go in order to take the next step towards commitment. Oliver tells him to have a nice trip. Wyatt thanks him.

Liam cannot believe this is happening. He keeps trying to get out.

Quinn walks away from the elevator.

Hope waits for Liam who is not home yet.

Liam continues to scream and pound for someone to come and get him.

Maya attempts to get the elevator to work but it won't. Oliver shows up and explains that it is being slow. Oliver then shows her some pictures of that he had to take of her. Maya believes that they look great.

Hope looks through a magazine. She walks around the house. Looking at certain things and noticing small things that Liam has around the house. She sees a picture of the two of them and does not know what to think.

Wyatt talks to some of the maintenance people and Quinn wonders why Wyatt is still here. Quinn tells him that Hope is going to meet Liam. They need to go now before Liam tries to talk to her. Quinn tells Wyatt to get going now.

Liam continues to try to get the elevator to work. He gets out his phone but he has no service.

Maya cannot believe they are still waiting for the elevator. Oliver tells Maya that it is great having her back. He explains that their is something about her that is just great. Maya thanks him. Oliver tells her that he has photographed a lot of models and she is just great and warm unlike so many others. He missed working with her. Oliver believes that all Maya has to do is smile to open up a room.

Quinn cannot understand Wyatt not being afraid. Quinn tells Wyatt that Liam keeps getting back with Hope. Quinn tells him that Hope did not even tell him that she was going to Liam's. He tells her not give him time to change her mind.

Hope thinks about when Hope and Liam have had fun times together. Hope takes her phone out but does not call anyone.

Liam takes off his jacket and gets angry.

Wyatt tells Quinn to stop trying to micromanage everything. Quinn tells Wyatt that this is how things have to be. Wyatt knows that Quinn has always been there for him. He never needed a father. Quinn knows that she can be pushy. She just wants people to know that Wyatt is a force. Quinn tells Wyatt to find a partner in Hope. Not just in business but also in life. Quinn knows that he can stand up to Liam in every way but one. Quinn believes this trip can change things in his favor. Wyatt gets a text saying he can leave now. Quinn takes a sigh of relief.

Maya cannot believe that this elevator is still not their. Oliver tells her that it is nice getting to know her better. Maya says he is one of the best parts of this place. She knows that she is in in good hands during a photo shoot because Oliver is just chill like that. Oliver kisses Maya and she kisses back.

Wyatt shows up at Liam's place.

Hope waits inside and smiles. Wyatt walks in and explains that he knows this is not who she was expecting. Wyatt tells Hope that if Liam shows up that he is going to try to get Hope to stay. She does not need to stay and listen to him tell her what she should do. Hope just feels she should wait a few more minutes.

Maya tells Oliver that he cannot do that because she is engaged. Oliver understands. Maya decides she is going to take the stairs. Oliver walks away as well.

Liam screams to have someone let him out.

Oliver walks over to the fuse box and turns the power back on.

Wyatt tells Hope they should just go. That she has spent enough time waiting on Liam. Hope throws her phone into the ocean so they can be totally unplugged. Hope and Wyatt run to the car and they get going.

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