B&B Tuesday Update 1/21/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/21/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope cannot believe that it is a trailer. Wyatt cannot wait to take Hope to a certain place. Wyatt thinks this will be a great adventure. Hope wonders about work. Wyatt tells her that they have a break in the schedule and that they will not regret anything. Hope decides to go and they are both very happy. Liam notices them talking.

Charlie and Quinn go into an elevator and Quinn says she will be going where ever he goes. Quinn stops the elevator and wants to know what he told Liam. Charlie explains to her that he is telling Liam the lie. Quinn makes Charlie promise that he will keep his word.

Caroline asks what is going on with Rick because he cannot keep his hands off her. Rick thinks they are one of those annoying couples that cannot keep there hands off each other. Rick wishes that Hope could have something like thing. He wonders if Wyatt is the right guy for her. Caroline thinks it might be Liam. She believes that Liam is more mature. Caroline likes both and thinks that she has been through more with Liam. Caroline believes that Quinn might be a little nuts and Rick agrees.

Charlie is scared about what is going on. Quinn tells Charlie to remember why he got this job. It has to do with him being a hero. Charlie wonders what Hope would think of Wyatt if she knew the truth.

Liam asks what the trailer is for. Hope explains that Wyatt just bought it. Wyatt tells him that they are going to be going on a vacation together. Liam wants to talk to her. Hope gets a text from Rick. Wyatt explains to Liam to stay away from him and Hope while they are on vacation.

Quinn demands Charlie's silence and she is asking him nicely. Charlie does not think that it is right. Quinn explains that Charlie gets to be a hero. Charlie does enjoy that. Quinn cannot have her company out of business because of this. Quinn starts the elevator and knows she can count on Charlie to keep this to herself.

Liam wonders if Wyatt is trying to keep Hope away from him. Wyatt tells Liam to do something interesting instead of doing something average when it comes to a woman. Wyatt wants to spend time alone with Hope.

Caroline believes when it comes to Wyatt and Liam let the best man win. Hope comes in and wonders what they are talking about. Hope just figures out she left Wyatt and Liam alone for a few moments and is now worried. Caroline decides to go check on her cousins and Rick gives her a kiss good bye. Caroline thinks Rick is very sweet. Rick believes they need to find Hope the right guy. Hope is not sure that she knows how too. Hope explains that Wyatt and Hope are going on a trip. She is not sure that she is ready to go on a trip alone with Wyatt. She likes Wyatt a lot but she is not sure if she is ready to take her relationship to the next level. Rick tells Hope not to go unless she is ready and cares about Wyatt. Hope does care about him and their is no other woman in this relationship. Rick does not believe that relationships should be that hard. Hope was excited about going but is not sure if she should. Rick tells her to listen to herself. Rick believes that Wyatt is good for Hope.

Caroline cannot believe that Wyatt would spend money on a used trailer. Wyatt tells her that it is vintage trailer. Caroline jokes that Wyatt is traveling in style.

Liam asks Rick if Hope is around. He explains that she is going to Santa Monica. Liam tells Rick that he does not trust Wyatt and he does not trust his mother. He is trying to protect Hope.

Hope gets a phone call from Liam. Liam asks Hope to meet him at his place before she goes on her trip. Hope agrees. Quinn over hears Liam asking this.

Quinn makes an out of order sign for the elevator.

Rick wonders if Liam is going to talk Hope out of going. Liam does not want Hope to regret what she is going to do. Rick wishes Liam luck.

Quinn watches as Liam goes down the freight elevator and Quinn turns off the power.

Liam tries to call for help but is unable to.

Wyatt gets a call from Quinn who tells him to go get hope and get out of town. Wyatt explains that he will do it but to stop worrying.

Hope continues to drive.

Liam tries to get out of the elevator but is not able to do so.

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