B&B Monday Update 1/20/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/20/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope asks what brings Liam by. Liam says he misses them. Liam asks if it is still Steffy. Hope says that it is not happening. Liam explains he didn't expect to see Steffy. Hope says she didn't either.

Katie tells Ridge she has to go away from Brooke. Ridge tells her that she is in no condition to drive and to come with him.

Hope gives Pam a bunch of folders. Pam explains that she will try to get them back to her but she is on the phones alone. Liam shows up to talk to Hope.

Wyatt says he will be living in Malibu. Quinn wants to know when she moves in then. Wyatt asks her what in a shocked manor.

Quinn says that she was joking. Wyatt explains that he would love to have her move in but he needs to be able to keep his options open. He has a girlfriend now. Quinn is excited about that. Wyatt thinks that it is only appropriate to call her girlfriend.

Ridge offers to get Katie some water. Katie says sorry knowing that Ridge must have a lot to do. Ridge tells her that she has nothing to do. Ridge wonders what drove Katie to him today.

Pam is on the phone as Charlie shows up. Pam asks what Charlie is doing here. Charlie tells Pam that he got a promotion to work around the offices. Pam thinks he is the perfect man for the job after he saved the diamond. Pam wonders if something is wrong.

Wyatt tells Quinn that she has more surprises coming and that it might be arriving now and Hope might like it more than the diamond.

Liam believes that Quinn is crazy. Hope asks if Bill is any better. Liam believes that when Bill does it, its different but Quinn is nuts. Hope doesn't think he is right.

Katie wonders if she should consider going back to Bill. Ridge wonders the same with Brooke but he believes they should all think about it though. Give it some time. Bill explains that he is proud of Katie. Katie believes that Brooke falls in love so easy and it does not matter if something happens because she always has a back up. Katie knows that in Brooke's mind her going back to Bill makes sense but to Katie it just does not. Ridge understands. The two recite sonnet 29.

Quinn asks if she will get to find out what the surprise is. Wyatt explains that he will. Quinn explains she is mad that Wyatt did not come and ask her for a diamond first. Wyatt says it is not jewels and has her go look at it.

Liam asks if Hope wants a life with Wyatt. Hope does not know she is not trying to see the future right now. Liam believes that this is not that hard and Hope should be able to make up her mind. Hope tells Liam that Quinn did not make the video. Liam knows that but he didn't give it a second thought. Hope does not care because Liam does not understand. Liam does not think it is right and he will not stop until he has convinced them otherwise.

Wyatt is very happy. Quinn asks if this is Hope's kind of thing. Wyatt explains that it is not yet but that Hope won't be able to resist.

Katie cannot believe that Ridge just quoted Shakespeare. Ridge explains that he has always liked words. Katie has always liked poetry. Ridge tells her that he still has a lot to learn not just about poetry but also about relationships and love. Katie thanks Ridge for making time for her and bringing her here. She always gets upset and it hurts all over again. She thanks him for being a friend as it makes a the difference. She smiles.

Charlie looks at a video on his phone of Wyatt stealing the diamond. Charlie walks over to Pam and Pam believes she knows what is going on. Pam explains she likes him and she does not believe she should keep things from him. Charlie understands and is more concerned about the present. Pam remembers what it was like to be on the wrong side of the law and doesn't want to go back. Liam comes out and says hi to Charlie. He thanks him for helping him but asks if there was anything on the security footage. Charlie says he is sorry.

Wyatt walks over to Hope and tells her to says she will do it. Hope asks what they are doing. Hope opens her eyes to an RV. Hope is shocked but is interested. Wyatt explains that now that he has the cash he wants to be able to go with her. Wyatt wonders if she is ready to head for the coast. Hope is not sure. Wyatt tells her to live the dream. The two kiss.

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