B&B Wednesday Update 1/15/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/15/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope is shocked that Wyatt is asking her to move in with him. Wyatt explains that if he was looking for just a roommate he would have skipped the flowers. He thinks they should move in together as a couple.

Quinn asks Pam if Liam is doing an interview about the hold up. Pam had not even thought about that.

Liam asks Charlie if he was alone. Charlie says he thought they were but it turns out that he might not have been when the crooks showed up. Charlie explains he was having people leave and he turns around and the diamond was gone.

Quinn notes that Liam seemed to want to know all the juicy details. Pam thinks she is right and Liam is doing an article. Pam thinks it is amazing that Charlie could be in Eye on Fashion. Someone tells Quinn to go look at a dress.

Liam asks where Wyatt was. Charlie says that he was at the counter telling the clerks they can go home. Charlie tells Liam he will look through the security videos. Liam tells him to tell him about anything he finds.

Wyatt just explains that being away from Hope was not enough for him. He wants to be close to her. Hope says that she wanted to take this slow. Wyatt jokes that she can move one shoe box in at a time. Wyatt tells her to say yes asking when he has ever turned her in the wrong direction.

Charlie checks the security cameras. He looks through the videos fast-forwarding.

Pam thanks someone on the phone and Aly asks Pam if Quinn was annoyed. Pam says no and if she was then she wouldn't be. Pam explains she seems to like everyone but Donna but then says she doesn't either. Liam shows up and asks Aly where Hope is. Aly explains that she went out. Liam goes to talk to Aly in private in Eric's office. Liam tells Aly that if Wyatt did what he thinks he did he finally has him.

Hope asks if Wyatt has ever had a roommate before. Wyatt explains that no he has not. Wyatt understands why Hope is not sure about this. Hope just does not know about it though. She thinks this is kind of a lot to sink in. Wyatt explains that she is the only person that he wants to spend his life with. Hope understands this. Wyatt does explain he is being kind of selfish but the only thing that would make this better would be to live with her. Hope says she will come to visit a lot. Wyatt tells her that he is going to hold her to that. Hope tells him ok and the two kiss.

Charlie stops the camera and notes when it most likely happened.

Wyatt tells Hope that he would do anything for her. Wyatt says he will ask her again. Hope does hope that he does. He does like him. He knows that she is not afraid to take chances. She explains that they are together now. Hope does note that things do get in the way. Wyatt will not let Liam get in the way anymore.

Aly asks what Liam found out. Liam explains he has Charlie checking things out. Aly asks how it could have done anything. The robbers were real. Liam still does not think something adds up. Aly thinks that trying to tie Wyatt to the robbery might be a little much.

Hope tells Wyatt that he is not a rebound but that if they move to fast it will look like that. Wyatt understands this and does not want everything to be undermined right now. He does not want Hope to be perceived in a bad way. Hope does not her relationship to be kept a secret though. Wyatt explains that he is going to make sure that he keeps her message heard. The two kiss again.

Liam does not trust Wyatt and Quinn. Aly asks why he would steal it though. Liam thinks that Wyatt wanted to get the publicity. Aly thinks that is kind of extreme. Liam thinks that if he can prove things are no different with Wyatt it would be perfect. Liam wonders what else could have happened. Aly just does not believe that this is possible. Liam believes that Charlie might find something on the security footage.

Charlie does not see anything but then he notices something. He cannot believe it when he sees that Wyatt did take the diamond. Charlie is very mad and is about to call Liam when Quinn comes in and tells him to put the phone down.

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