B&B Tuesday Update 1/14/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/14/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt thinks the house is incredible. Bill explains he used to live here with Katie and just bought it back from Taylor. Bill explains that this is Wyatt's house now. Wyatt is shocked about this. Wyatt thinks this is great but he wonders about the timing. He wonders if this has anything to do with his trip with Hope.

Rick asks Hope how Hawaii went. He wants to know about her and Wyatt. Hope says he was the friend that she needed and it didn't go any further than that for now. Rick asks where things stand with Liam.

Liam tells Charlie that he was the hero. Charlie explains that Wyatt definitely helped. Pam knows that Liam does not like Wyatt but Wyatt did help this company a lot. Charlie says that Wyatt and him were talking about diamond heists and then one happens to them. Liam is shocked to hear this and gets a smile on his face believing he has just hit the jackpot.

Rick wonders if Hope has talked to him since she has been back. Hope explains that she told him that she is dating Wyatt. Hope is a little mad at Quinn and she explained that she is starting to not trust her. Hope thinks that Quinn might have to be watched.

Liam thinks that this must have been a huge coincidence. Liam just does not know what to think about Wyatt and Quinn.

Wyatt just thinks it is a little weird. Bill explains that this is just for him. He wants him away from Quinn and that is his sole motive in giving him the house.

Charlie gets a news alert from the news story. Charlie explains that the two people who were robbing the store just passed a lie detector test. Charlie is very much angered. Quinn who was hiding is revealed by someone who needs her.

Wyatt wants to know what Bill has against Quinn. Bill hates that Quinn does things without telling anyone. He does not like her meddling. Wyatt wonders about when Bill does the same things. Bill claims to have learned from his mistakes. Bill thinks that Quinn is not exactly right, at least when it comes to him. Bill wonders about her and Eric. Bill does not want Wyatt to get sucked into Quinn's problems. He just wants him to keep a healthy distance. Wyatt decides he will move in and cannot wait to tell Hope.

Rick thinks that Hope has a handle on things. Hope is moving on. She will never be done with Liam. Rick thinks both of them are very good guys but he is losing his good faith in Liam. Hope knows that Wyatt is committed to her but Hope is not sure if she will end up with either. Rick thinks that her and Wyatt should enjoy each other. Hope thinks things are easy with Wyatt and no Steffy. Rick tells her to go for it. The two hug.

Pam notes that Liam really does not like Quinn. She thinks she has done a lot for the company. She also believes that she is a good mother. Charlie notes that she was very proud of him. Liam thinks that Charlie knows a lot about these robberies. Pam thinks that it was just great. Charlie says he has to go to the store. Pam tells Charlie to come to her house tonight. Liam wants to go with Charlie to ask more questions. Quinn pops up to Pam.

Wyatt thanks Bill for this. Bill thinks this is definitely a change in life style. Bill knows that this could be used to entertain. Wyatt was not expecting this. He is very happy that things are now going his way. He no knows that Hope is not going to find what they have with anyone else. Bill tells him to try to take it slow and easy. Wyatt does not think that is the Spencer way.

Wyatt calls Hope and asks where he is. Wyatt tells her to meet him. He says he will text the address. Rick tells her to go be happy.

Pam explains that Liam is just a little out of sorts these days. Quinn knows that he is not on her favorites list. Quinn knows that everyone will work things out. She just wishes that they got along a little better. She just wishes that she could mend her fences. Quinn asks if he is still in the building. Pam says he is at the store with Charlie.

Charlie can't help but think about the robbery. He could have been more alert than he was. Charlie tells him the diamond was there but then it wasn't. Liam does not understand exactly. Charlie turns around and then the diamond is gone. Liam asks if he was alone. Charlie says Wyatt was there as well.

Hope asks why they are here. Wyatt explains that Bill took him here and gave him the keys. Hope loves it. Hope is impressed. Wyatt mentions that he enjoyed his time with Hope. Hope says she enjoyed it as well. Hope really believes it was a great trip. Hope even remembers the flowers. Hope felt like a half person when she was there until Wyatt helped her. Wyatt shows Hope the flowers and they are for her. The card asks her to move in with him. He kisses her. Wyatt asks her to live with him.

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