B&B Monday Update 1/13/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/13/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie tells Ridge to hold on a moment as she gets a call that Bill is here. Ridge hides in the corner. Bill comes in and explains that he has a made a choice. He wants her back. He wants to love her again and wants another chance.

Quinn walks in and tells Liam that she overheard. She says she heard begging. Liam explains that he was just discussing his relationship. Quinn points out they have no relationship anymore. Liam says he has no intention of stopping. Quinn demands to know what she has to do to get him to stop interfering.

Ridge gets back to the office and Pam shows up and welcomes him back. Brooke shows up and asks what he is working on. Brooke notices and thinks that it is stunning. She notes that some things never change. Brooke explains that she has some news.

Liam wonders why Quinn thinks he would give up on the woman that he loves. Liam knows she does not know him very well. Liam tells Quinn that this is all her. Quinn did nothing wrong. Liam knows that Quinn is the reason Steffy showed up. Quinn knows that Hope will appreciate her eventually.

Brooke knows that Ridge has been talking to Bill, and he wants Katie back and it is not a ploy. Ridge does not think he buys it. Ridge does not believe he deserves her.

Katie thinks this is going to be like last time. Katie is not that gullible. Bill knows he did that last time but he here for a different reason today. Katie asks about Brooke. Bill wants his life with Katie and no one else.

Liam does not think that Quinn is happy or stable. He thinks they have not yet seen the worst of her. Quinn ignores him explaining that Liam hurt people because of his insecurities. Liam does not think that Quinn knows what she is talking about but knows that she probably has a lot of secrets. Quinn warns Liam and says next time things will not be very friendly. Liam will find out what kind of a person she really is.

Brooke believes they need to support Katie. Ridge mentions that Katie is always caring. Brooke mentions she can be difficult sometimes. Ridge says that she is the best of the Logan woman. Brooke does not want to talk about Katie. Ridge asks if she thinks they will get back together. Brooke hopes so.

Bill believes they can fix things. Katie wonders about Brooke. Katie knows what is going on here. Katie knows that this has to do with Ridge because Brooke wants him and not Bill.

Pam tells Charlie that she likes it slow. Charlie thinks that she is a tease. The two feed each other baked goods. They think that this was the most fun they have ever had. Pam explains he has not seen anything yet. Liam overhears them talking about Wyatt being a hero and great for the company. Charlie explains that if it was not for his coffee, he would not be alive.

Bill could care less about Ridge. He wants to talk about them not about someone else. He believes they should try this again. He wants to try and make up for his mistakes. He is committed to putting his family back together. Katie explains that part of her would love to have her family back, but she also knows that he is just here because Brooke is off the table. She will not be a consolation prize.

Brooke believes they have to look at things in a positive way. Ridge does not believe that Bill is a good enough person. He wonders what will happen when he gets his son back and everything else. Brooke does not know but she knows she made a mistake. She is getting her priorities straight. She is getting her family back. She believes they should do the same as Bill and Katie and get things back on track.

Liam chimes in on Charlie and Pam and would like to talk about Wyatt that day. Charlie explains that Wyatt was amazing. Liam knows. Charlie explains that Wyatt poured the coffee in the criminals' faces. Pam knows that Wyatt is a great guy. Liam walks away and asks Quinn if Wyatt really caught those jewel thieves.

Ridge just does not want any more drama and asks if she can do that. Brooke promises she will behave. Ridge just needs some more time. Brooke understands and tells him to get back to work. Brooke leaves.

Bill does not want to talk about Ridge and Brooke. He wants to talk about them. Katie swore she would never let this happen again. She will protect herself. She knows though that if she becomes jaded and cynical that it will not work out for her. She wants to be able to love again. She wants to be able to do it like nothing ever happened, but it will not be Bill. She has a child but she is sorry but she is not her home anymore. Katie explains she really has to get back to work. Bill leaves.

Katie gets a phone call and it is Ridge. He asks if he is still there. Katie says no. Ridge is happy for that. Katie thanks him for coming by. Ridge says they will get through this together. Ridge thinks about Katie while she thinks about Ridge.

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