B&B Wednesday Update 1/8/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/8/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge continue to kiss passionately. Brooke explains that they both want this and it can be the way it used to be. Ridge does love her and remembers how they were but then he thinks of her and Bill knowing that Brooke would not have done those things. He wonders what he should do.

Liam shows up at home to find Bill. Bill would like to know what happened. Liam explains to ask Justin about it in his nightly report. Bill tells him he can talk about it with him he knows what he is going through.

Donna thinks that Katie is doing just fine as a single mother running a company. Katie wonders if it actually looks like that.

Liam has been avoiding his problems all day and does not want to stop now. Bill wonders if Liam wants to hear his and he says no. Liam wonders if Bill is being serious. Bill explains that he feels like he knows where he should be but then someone keeps him away from it.

Katie cannot believe that Bill is no longer part of her life. She knows that Bill has not given up on Brooke. Donna thinks that Bill and Katie made a good couple. Katie believes that what she did was the best for Will. Donna understands but if Brooke and Ridge do get back together then it would be better.

Brooke is done with Bill. Ridge does understand that but he feels it still is wrong. Brooke explains she said sorry to Katie. Ridge wants to know how Brooke lost herself in everything involving Bill. Brooke tells him that it is all because she did not have him.

Katie explains that she comes home to work to more work. Donna thinks a lot of people do. Katie is grateful for it because it gives her something to do. Donna says she will watch Will and she can go out. Katie explains that she is more of a home body. Katie feels that this house is way to big. Donna knows that Katie is going to get through this and her old memories will not hurt her anymore.

Bill used to give Katie a lot of grief over her rules but she is a good mother. Liam asks if Bill has talked to Brooke today. Bill explains that he did not get through to her. Liam believes it has been a while since he has talked about his life with Katie. He explains that he has had to make a lot of choices.

Brooke is not blaming Ridge. Ridge knows that if he had not left none of this would have happened. Brooke explains that Katie was not thinking clearly. She was lost when she got back from Europe. She changed her focus to taking care of Will and Bill was there and needed to be appreciated. Brooke thinks that is all in the past though and this is exactly where she would like to be. Bill did not know if Brooke would forgive her. Brooke does. Ridge wonders if Katie will forgive Bill even through he is a horrible human being. He asks why Brooke would want him with her sister. Brooke explains before Katie depression the two were happy. Ridge thinks that was along time ago. Ridge believes the situations are very different. Brooke believes that she will be there for Katie. Ridge wants to know why Brooke has not been there for her. Ridge tries to leave. Brooke asks him to stay. Ridge explains that he cannot tonight.

Donna wonders if Katie knows where she is going to go from here. Katie has no idea. Donna believes that work and herself are in her future. Donna believes that time and fate will figure out the rest. Katie knows that is Brooke's favorite word. Katie does not know if this is all going to save things or not.

Liam wonders why Bill cannot respect Brooke's choice to leave him after what he did to Katie. Bill understands but he also believes that he should be given another choice. He admits that he messed up and he knows that he was wrong. He believes that Brooke going back to Ridge is a bad idea. Bill does not accept that Ridge would want an explanation of her life when he is the one who left her. Bill does care about Katie and he misses Will but his future is with Brooke. He is not going to let anyone or anything get in his way including Ridge.

Ridge comes over to see Katie. Katie is shocked to Ridge. Ridge notices Will and cannot believe how big he has got. Katie explains that Will is going to give her so much trouble like Bill. Ridge tells Katie that Will is going to respect Katie just like it should be.

Brooke cleans her room up and thinks about the moment Ridge came back from Paris. Bill shows up and hopes that she is not expecting Ridge. He wants to talk. He is not going to let Bill leave her. He has lost his family and his company. He does not blame her for anything but that he needs her. She is worth it. He knows she feels guilty but that does not change his commitment. He is not going to lose the woman he loves to Ridge Forrester.

Katie comes back from putting down Will. Ridge thinks it is nice that he is safe and supported. Katie asks how Brooke is doing. Ridge explains he was with Brooke but he decided to go see Katie. He is staying with Eric but right now he cannot stay with Brooke. Katie knows that eventually he will forgive her. Ridge explains that was before he knew what happened to Katie. He cannot get past with Brooke did. Katie wants to know why he is there.

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