B&B Tuesday Update 1/7/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/7/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Ridge not to speak or think but to enjoy the moment of the two of them together after so long. The two kiss each other passionately.

Katie thinks about when Ridge went to see her on New Year's Eve. Donna shows up and explains she is here to check up on her. Donna says she is allowed to be sad. Katie does not think that she should be so sad anymore. Donna thinks she can be if she wants to. Katie goes through her day and then she is always alone at the end of it. She didn't know silence could be so loud.

Caroline comes to Liam's house and runs into Bill. Caroline is there to pick something up for Liam. Bill cannot believe that he is unable to go to work at his own company. He wonders if this is some sort of lesson that is long overdue. Caroline knows a lot has changed for him lately. Bill knows he had it all at least on paper. He did not see falling in love with Brooke. Bill does have a few regrets with everything that happened with Will, Brooke, and Katie. Caroline asks if he would take getting together with Brooke back. Bill says never.

Katie explains that Brooke stopped by earlier. Katie explains tense. She wants to forgive her but Brooke keeps saying the wrong thing. Donna knows that Brooke wants to makes things right. Katie knows she was not well but still. Donna believes Katie has a right to feel however she would like to feel. Katie does not want to be filled with anger but Brooke keeps saying things. Donna believes that Brooke is done with Bill. Katie knows she still loves him though and now she has two men who want her.

Brooke and Ridge kiss passionately now on the bed but Ridge says he cannot do this.

Katie thinks this feels familiar with Brooke and two men. Katie wonders what about Brooke makes men behave so terrible. Katie knows that men love her but when it is your man it is different. Donna explains that Brooke thought it was over between Bill and Katie. Katie understands but she needs things to be normal for her but that just is not happening. Donna believes that Bill and Brooke are done and Ridge is back.

Caroline asks if Bill knows about Ridge. Bill knows but is not worried about anything. He believes that Brooke will want Bill over Ridge because Brooke is just confused. Caroline wonders about Katie. Bill knows she is in a place he does not like. When he married her it was such a different situation. Caroline is shocked that Bill is not worried about Ridge. Bill thinks Ridge is a bad habit.

Brooke promises that it is over with Bill. Brooke believes that it is complicated. Ridge wants to know how this is complicated; he wants an answer.

Caroline explains that she does not want to put aside Bill and Brooke's love but Brooke and Ridge are legendary. Bill does not believe that, he knows that Ridge will disappear like he always does. Bill knows this is classic Ridge as it happens every time. The real world has people who move on with their lives and Ridge needs to learn that. Caroline loves Bill but she does not want him to get hurt. Bill knows that Brooke wants everyone with the right person but it is not going to happen.

Donna explains that Ridge is back just to reunite his family. Katie explains how Ridge showed up and he apologized for not being there for Brooke. Katie knows that Ridge will find a way to forgive her.

Brooke explains there was an attraction but they fought it. Ridge asks if she loved him. Brooke explains eventually she did. Ridge asks how someone can fall in love so many times. Brooke does not think this is fair. Ridge left and Brooke was helping Katie and Bill. Brooke tells him that it is over between them. Brooke explains that Bill did something unforgivable. Bill left her and went back to Katie. However, Bill conned her to sign back the company. Brooke explains that was the end for her. She knows what she did was terrible and she is trying really hard to rebuild her trust with Katie. That has nothing to do with Ridge though. She wants to rebuild her family. She knows that RJ wants his family as well. Brooke wants Ridge to focus on rebuilding; she wants it all back to the way it used to be. The two hug closely.

Caroline admires Bill for his strength and his confidence but she is afraid he will not get what he wants this time. Bill does not think that Ridge deserves her this time. Bill believes that kids grow up really fast and he is missing his child growing up. Caroline wonders if Brooke is onto something with going back to his family. She wonders if it is the worst idea. Bill knows the connection he has knowing that no one can compete with it.

Katie cannot believe that Brooke can do so many bad things but that everything is so easy for her. She wonders if there is a man who is not vulnerable to her.

Brooke and Ridge kiss passionately again. Brooke tells him she is his. The two kiss again.

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