B&B Monday Update 1/6/14

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/6/14


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope believes that doors close at night and open during the day. Wyatt thinks that she must have opened it.

Rick and Caroline discuss the lines. Ridge shows up and believes they need to make some changes around here.

Katie thinks the writers should write at home as it is easier that way. Brooke shows up and wonders if she is interrupting. Katie wants to know what is going on. Brooke says she has good news. Brooke explains Ridge is back. Katie wonders why she should be excited about that. Katie explains that Ridge came to see her and they had a nice talk.

Rick believes that what they need is to prioritize Hope for the Future's success. Ridge thinks that it was great but now they have to deal with the consequences. Carter thinks he might know what Ridge is talking about. Carter thinks that it is because of the buyers. Ridge explains that HFTF is changing the identity of the company.

Katie says they have always got along with Ridge. Brooke tells her that Bill will not leave her alone. Katie wants to know what Brooke wants.

Wyatt thinks that Hope and him could still go out. Hope knows but she is worried someone will recognize her. Wyatt's phone rings and Hope asks if he is going to answer it. Wyatt can wait. Hope makes a shot saying that it could be Quinn and she is the whole reason they are even here. Wyatt knows that Quinn has an interest in them but she just helped that was all. Wyatt explains that Steffy came on her own account. Hope does know this. Hope does believe Liam but she also knows that she just could not come back with Liam knowing Steffy will be apart of his life. It is hard for her because her life is now going into a different direction. Wyatt makes a suggestion and kisses Hope.

Ridge wants to know what they are known for. Aly believes that it is Eric. Carter says couture. Ridge says that's what it is all about. Ridge believes that the buyers believe that they need to get back to the older market. Rick cannot believe that Ridge is saying that the brand they have right now is not working when it is. Rick will not let Ridge be his savior. Ridge thinks they need to talk privately.

Brooke wants to rebuild her life with Ridge. She knows Katie remembers how things went. Katie just does not think that Brooke does what she says a lot but she will believe Brooke if that is what she says. Katie thinks that Brooke needs to stop letting Bill in. Brooke did not come here to get ridiculed. Katie thinks she came here because she wants both Bill and Ridge. Brooke knows she should not have come. Katie knows that Brooke wants to give back Bill but she does not want him back. Brooke knows that Katie wants to do everything but she wonders if she is even happy. Katie knows that if Bill is here that Ridge will be more happy. Brooke wants to know what they even talked about. Brooke told Ridge the truth and Ridge wants to come home to her. Katie goes to check on Will and tells her to see herself out.

Rick wants to know when Ridge is going to international. Ridge says that Thorne is going to be at international, and he's staying home. Rick is shocked by this. Brooke calls Ridge to come over. Rick tells him to leave. Ridge believes they can manage this. Rick wants to know what will happen. Ridge wants to know why Rick did nothing about Brooke and her sisters. Rick explains and yells that Brooke was going under and Katie is not completely blameless. Ridge does not know what anything is anymore.

Wyatt believes that here he has everything that LA does not have. He believes it is better. Wyatt thinks they can analyze what happens a million different ways but right now it does not matter. Wyatt kisses Hope and explains that this is how he can explain things. Wyatt is going to enjoy every little step in this relationship. Wyatt laughs. Hope wants to know what he is thinking. Wyatt had a vision of them outside making love. Hope tells Wyatt she would like to take this slowly. Wyatt explains the first time needs to be special and it will be. The two kiss passionately.

Brooke gets out of the shower and Ridge shows up early. Brooke messes with her hair and is happy that Ridge called her Logan.

Rick tells Caroline that things are going to be hard with Ridge. Rick explains that he is not going back to international. Caroline is happy for Thorne and thinks this will be good for Brooke as well.

Ridge is happy that Brooke did not change the locks. Ridge wants to know where Bill would go. Brooke changes the subject and explains that everyone is gone right now and that it is the perfect time for the two of them to be alone. Brooke tries to kiss him but Ridge resists. Brooke welcomes Ridge home as her dear beautiful husband. She has waited so long for him and now he is finally here.

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