B&B Tuesday Update 12/31/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/31/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie is shocked that Ridge knows. Katie is sorry. Ridge does not know what to say. Brooke has made bad choices but still.

Bill comes back in to Brooke's house and wants to know if Ridge knows. Brooke says he does know and now he is gone.

Liam begs her to come with him. Hope has to think about things. Liam believes that it is time they start a life together. Liam is going home and he wants her with him.

Bill tries to touch Brooke but Brooke tells him no. Bill knows that Ridge thought she was going to wait for him. Bill cannot believe that Brooke wants Ridge. Brooke always wanted Ridge. Bill points out that he never left and she likes that.

Katie is handling this the only way she knows how. Ridge does not know what he is going to do next. Ridge feels responsible. Katie points out that Brooke is at fault. Katie does not think it would have mattered. Katie explains she is partly responsible as she did push them together.

Liam believes they can work on their Steffy problems. Liam knows he forgot to do the right thing. Liam believes he deserves better as well. None of this would have happened had Hope just come in. Liam again asks her to come home. Hope is angry.

Liam leaves. Wyatt tells him he is happy. He tells Liam to not blame anyone else but himself. Wyatt is shocked that Liam is going back to LA and not Paris. He tells Liam to go to Paris and be with Steffy who clearly wants him. Wyatt is going to stay here and be with Hope. Liam walks away.

Brooke does not know where Ridge went. Bill wants to know how Brooke has any reason to be angry at her right now. Bill believes that Ridge is shaming her. Bill thinks this is ridiculous. Bill tells her to take him out of the picture and even then Ridge is a bad idea.

Ridge does not want to jump to conclusions. He is a different man now and he does not want to be quick to judge. He knows how Brooke likes to fall for people. He believes that Brooke would have fallen for Bill either way. Katie does not know. Katie does not think it matters anymore. She explains that when she got help it was just to late to stop. She asks him not to hold this against Brooke. Katie is determined to be happy.

Hope sits crying. Wyatt walks in and Hope explains it is hard to think that this is all finally ending. Wyatt hugs Hope and explains he is here for her.

Brooke believes that Bill is wrong and that Ridge was waiting until he was ready. Brooke believes that Bill would be angry as well. Brooke thinks that Bill is an impossible person. Bill asks Brooke to not go back to Ridge. Brooke believes that Bill should still go back to Katie. Bill wants Brooke.

Katie explains that no one has to worry about her. Katie brought a lot of it on herself. Ridge thinks that Brooke should have been there for Katie. Katie believes that Brooke could have been everything she was not when she was dying. She has to forgive her.

Wyatt thinks that Liam is under the impression that Hope will change her mind. Wyatt believes that Hope needs to put things behind her. He tells her to move on with him.

Brooke thinks that Bill will give up eventually when he sees how devoted she is to Katie.

Ridge is shocked that Katie forgives Brooke. Katie needs to. Katie believes that Brooke would of course be wanted by Bill. She is not Brooke. Ridge believes she is nothing like her. Katie is just not Brooke. Katie gave Bill what she could not. She lives a care free life. She does not know how she grew up like she did. Ridge believes she was betrayed. Katie pushed them though. Ridge wants to love Brooke but this is to much. He asks if she thinks this is ok. Katie says no. Katie knows that Brooke should not have done it. Katie was sick and she needed her help but instead they didn't. She hates it. Brooke is her sister and she hates it. Ridge hugs Katie who breaks out into tears. The start of the New Year happens. Ridge promises her that this will be a better year.

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