B&B Monday Update 12/30/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/30/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge do not say anything. Ridge asks if she has talked to Katie. Ridge wants to know what is wrong with her. First Bridget and now Katie. He cannot believe that she just takes whatever she wants when she wants it.

Donna tries to get Katie to focus on Will. Katie explains that Bill just left and it was a nice visit. Probably because it is that time of the year still. Katie never thought Will's life would be like this. She cannot believe it has come to this.

Liam asks Hope to leave with him. Liam believes that they can find a way to ignore all that has happened. Liam tells Hope they need to go home. Hope asks if Liam knows how hard it is to see Steffy. Wyatt reminds him that it was her wedding day. Liam believes that he belongs to her forever.

Donna knows that Katie is feeling a bit sad. Katie just feels she has to adjust her expectations now. It is hard to change the holidays. Donna could have stayed around. Katie says it was ok. Everyone was very supportive. Katie cannot understand how Brooke always is able to feel good after what she does.

Ridge thought he could start back over. Brooke knows she makes bad choices when he is not around. Brooke reminds him that he left her. He would not understand. Ridge screams at her to make him understand please.

Katie tells someone on the phone they do not do things the same way Bill did them. Katie gets off the phone and thanks Donna for taking Will down to daycare. Donna suggests they go and party it up. Katie cannot though she wants to work and take care of Will. Donna suggests inviting Brooke over.

Brooke says she is no longer involved with Bill. She did not want to be but Katie wanted them to be. Brooke explains Katie had post partum depression. She would help out with Will. She disappeared and she led them to Aspen. Brooke explains that Katie wanted them to be mother and father of Will. Bill then comforted her when Stephanie died. Then Katie told them to be together. Ridge puts this all together.

Liam believes that he is right. Wyatt is not shocked at what happened. Wyatt does not believe that what Hope saw was not exactly easy to see for her. Liam believes they can get married now. Liam does not want to go through stuff like this anymore. Wyatt does not think that their parents kept them apart. Wyatt thinks that Hope should be thanking Quinn if she did indeed set them up because Hope should not have to deal with this. Hope would like a moment alone with Liam.

Katie wonders if she needs to forgive Brooke. She is so confused. She is trying to do her best. She is angry though at everyone including herself. She hates feeling this way. She is waiting to hear that things are ok but Brooke would tell her that so how does she do it now. She is confused now because of Bill. She wonders if a man who she can trust even exist.

Brooke explains that she got to know Bill. Ridge wonders when Brooke decided this would be ok. Ridge explains it took her so long to find a man. He asks if she is in love with him. Brooke does not say anything. She wants him to be with Katie. She believes that if he is half the man he claims to be that he would go back to her. Ridge cannot deal with this and decides to leave. Brooke cries.

Liam tells Hope they should get married now. Hope tells him no. Hope is sorry she took off she knows but her instinct is to run. She hates that. She is not ok with him being near Steffy. It is not fair for him. Liam does believe that is a problem. Hope knows that Steffy had great news and he allowed it. Hope believes Liam could have done things very differently. Liam says he has to leave but that Hope should come with her.

Brooke gets a phone call from Ridge but does not pick up the phone.

Katie types on her computer and her secretary calls. Ridge comes to see Katie. Katie welcomes him back. Ridge notices the changes to Spencer. Ridge is happy that Katie is CEO. Katie asks if she has business. Ridge wants to know if Katie is ok. Katie says she is doing good. Ridge knows all about Bill. She wants to know how Katie is holding up for real.

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