B&B Thursday Update 12/26/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/26/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge tells Aly he is so glad to be working with her. Aly says me too and Thorne says they are getting the old band back together. The tree of them pose for a photo. Rick arrives in the office with Caroline and neither of them looks happy to see that Ridge is back. Quinn arrives and Donna tries to stop her from going into the meeting by saying that she didn't send her a memo but Quinn tells her that Eric did. Donna tells Eric that she finds it fishy how just a few days ago Quinn and her son were out of the company and Liam was marrying Hope. She says she thinks Quinn sabotaged Hope and Liam's wedding. On the plane, Liam wonders over who could have written Hope the note asking her to come down to the cabin; something he never did. Liam calls Donna and asks her to check the Forrester flight record and see if Quinn was the one who brought Steffy back. He says he thinks Quinn is the one responsible for this mess and Donna agrees. Wyatt can't take his eyes off Hope in her bikini. Bill tries to get Brooke to spend some time with him but Brooke doesn't want to leaving him to say that nothing has changed. Ridge meets Quinn for the fist time and notices Rick glaring at him from the doorway. Ridge can tell he's not happy to see him back.

Donna calls Liam back quickly and informs him that he was right; Quinn and Steffy were on the plane back from Paris. Liam says he knew Quinn was behind this and thanks Donna for her help. Donna says my pleasure. Liam asks Donna not to tell anyone about this because he wants Hope to hear it from him. When Hope says no to going down to the pool because fashion press will be there, Wyatt says that she just wants to spend time alone with him. Hope smiles at his words.

Brooke tells Bill that Hope and Liam are being manipulated. She wonders if it was him who did it since he always wanted Steffy with Liam but when Bill tells her his hands are clean she says maybe Liam is right and it was Quinn who did it. Ridge calls Brooke to ask her to come to the meeting and tells her he wants to take her to lunch. Brooke glances at Bill before saying she'll see what she can do. Brooke finally reveals to Bill that Ridge has come back home and Bill does not look pleased to hear that. Brooke requests for Bill to stop stopping by her house and to stop sending her videos and texts. She tells him to go back to Katie. Bill says that isn't what he wants but Brooke tells him that that is what she wants. She tells him to stop following after her and go back to Katie. Bill asks her if she's saying that so she can go back to Ridge rendering Brooke speechless.

Ridge starts the meeting and says he's really impressed with all they have accomplished while he was gone. He tells Maya it's great to have her back and congratulates her on her engagement with Carter. He tells Caroline he's impressed with her work on the youth line. Rick starts to grind Ridge's gears by saying it's not just a youth line and asking if they should have let their older demographic just die with the couture line. He says some things have changed since Ridge left for Paris. He hints that he basically owns Forrester now as his wife is the lead designer and his dad has put his faith in him to lead the company. Ridge just listens to him with an amused smile on his face.

The pilot tells Liam they will be landing soon. Liam mumbles not soon enough as he thinks of Hope with Wyatt.

Wyatt brings Hope a drink before telling her that he's never been happier in Hawaii than he is right now. He tells her she'll feel the same way too if she gives it some time. Hope thanks Wyatt before saying it's just that after all the promises Liam made to her, she just wanted this time to be different. Wyatt tells Hope that she's spent too much time waiting for Liam to change. He says it's time to move on and suggests she move on with him. Hope smiles at Wyatt.

Brooke tells Bill that this is not the first time she told him to go back to Katie but Bill tells her it's not going to happen. Brooke tells him what they did to Katie was wrong but Bill directs the discussion back to Ridge. He says he's been gone a year and tells Brooke to tell him that she's not still vulnerable to Ridge.

Eric tells Ridge that it's been a long time since they've had so many successful lines. Rick says so as he can see things here have been incredible in his absence. Ridge smirks before saying he was in Paris, not the North Pole and his father kept him in the loop. Ridge notes Rick's messy desk and comments on how it never looked like that when he was here. Rick tries to put Ridge down by saying it was never that busy while he was here but Ridge just says well they are lucky to have them back to help now that they are busy. Rick looks visibly belittled.

Liam gets off the plane and uses his phone app to look for Hope. Quinn calls Wyatt in Hawaii and  tells him how he can get Hope's mind off Liam. Donna comes out of Eric's office and stands near Quinn leaving her to say a quick bye and hang up on her son. Donna gives Quinn a sweet and obviously fake smile. Wyatt rubs sunscreen on Hope while telling her how ever since he met her he had a vision of them together in a place like this all by themselves. Eric talks to Quinn about Hope and Liam's ruined wedding and Quinn says he'll have to excuse her for not being heartbroken for Liam. She says she takes it personally when someone interferes with her business and her son, failing to sound innocent.

Wyatt fills Hope's head by telling her she had every right to be mad at Liam for talking to Steffy before the wedding. He tells her it's enough and that she's free from Liam now. He says that Steffy and Liam can play their games but she doesn't have to be a part of them anymore. Wyatt kisses Hope and is about to deepen the kiss when Wyatt barges in and tells Hope that it was Quinn who was responsible for Steffy being in L.A. and she plotted to have her their because she knew what the sight of Steffy does to Hope. Shocked, Hope looks at Wyatt and Wyatt falls speechless.

Ridge arrives at Brooke's with waiters to set up a lunch at her place since she was unable  to come to his lunch invite. Brooke scrambles to get rid of him, because she knows Bill is there but is unable to, and Ridge sees Bill at her house. Ridge asks Bill to leave but Bill rudely says he and Brooke were in the middle of something and he's not leaving. Ridge looks at Brooke who looks guilty and pale.

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