B&B Tuesday Update 12/24/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/24/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric pours two glasses of martinis and toasts to Stephanie saying Merry Christmas my love. Ridge notices him doing this and tries to sneak away, but then goes back and puts his arm around his father. Eric tells him she would be so happy knowing he is here. He explains they are both very grateful he has come home.

Rick asks if Caroline is ready yet. Caroline cannot get her button to go. Rick says it is working now. Rick believes that he is going to get everything on his shopping list. Caroline explains she has not even gone shopping and feels bad. Rick was hoping for something memorable.

Pam sings "Jingle Bells" with reindeer antlers on her head cooking in the kitchen. Eric asks how she is doing and Pam has him taste something. Eric says it tastes great. Pam says she saw the blue bird earlier and Stephanie is with them. Eric hugs her.

Thorne is happy to see Ridge. Kristen and Felicia run into the room happy to see Ridge as well.

Rick and Caroline kiss romantically. Caroline notices a package that was not there earlier. Rick says she should open it. Caroline opens it and it is a photo album of there honeymoon. Caroline asks how he would feel about a second volume. Caroline hands him a package and it is another album. Rick says he loves it and he loves her. He wishes her a merry Christmas.

Felicia thinks that Brooke must have been very surprised to see him. Thorne believes that Brooke will be even more surprised to see RJ. Ridge explains that RJ arrived last night but she does not yet know. Eric asks how Kristen and her family are doing. Kristen says everything is going ok. Pam says everyone should be blessed. Eric tells everyone that Pam has a new man in her life. Aly comes in and explains that the mission is really busy right now. Ridge opens the door to find Brooke. Brooke says merry Christmas to Ridge. Ridge says Merry Christmas Logan. Brooke has presents for everyone in the car. Ridge wants her to open his present first. RJ shows up and says merry Christmas. Brooke starts to cry and is so happy to see him. She says this is amazing.

Brooke believes having her son for Christmas is the best present ever. Rick and Caroline walk into the room and Rick is shocked to see RJ. Caroline says it is nice to finally meet RJ in person. Pam has all the woman come help her in the kitchen. Eric sneaks off. Ridge explains that RJ will be near both his parents starting next semester.

Pam explains that she will be making the stuffing because Stephanie likes hers the best then starts to cry because she forgot she is not around anymore. Kristen and Felicia say it is ok and they both feel the same.

Ridge congratulates Rick and Caroline.

Brooke thinks that Aly looks so much like Darla. Thorne asks Brooke plans to see Katie and she says yes. Eric comes out with his eggnog and has everyone drink some. Eric makes them all drink it. Eric says they miss Stephanie as well as Bridget and Logan and Hope. They all toast to things. Ridge takes RJ over to the nativity scene and has RJ put the baby Jesus in the manger. They all sing.

Eric has a flashback to last year when everyone showed up the Celtic Woman concert to comfort him. Every one hugs each other. They all clap when the lights are lit.

Eric tells Ridge that whatever happens between him and Brooke, he is not leaving LA again, because they need him. Felicia explains that they are all going to say what Christmas means to them in less than five words. RJ says presents, Rick says mistletoe, Caroline says more mistletoe, Felicia says ski boots hinting to Eric. Aly says dads and grandpas. Brooke says sons. Ridge says family. He believes this is Christmas, three generations of Forresters together. Eric thanks them all for being here today. He says he could express it by singing. They all goof around and sing "Joy to the World."

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