B&B Monday Update 12/23/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/23/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam says she has been up all night and Hope refuses to respond. Brooke does not blame Hope. Liam asks where Brooke is. Brooke does not know and if she knew she would not tell him. Liam does not think he is in the wrong. Brooke explains that Hope did not come home last night.

Hope opens her door and finds Wyatt who has picked flowers for her.

Donna tells Quinn she should be clearing out her things. Quinn explains to Donna that Hope hired her back and she is here to stay. Donna wants to call security. Quinn says all that would accomplish is making Donna look like an idiot and pissing her off. Quinn explains that this has to do with Hope walking out on the wedding. Donna wants to know where Hope is. Quinn explains she is with Wyatt and she will come back and secure her position.

Liam thinks this is screwed up. Liam tells Brooke he did nothing with Steffy. Brooke wants to know what was going on between Liam and Steffy. Liam says that Steffy told him that she can have a baby now. Brooke is happy for her. Liam says he was not going to take her back though. Liam explains nothing happened. Brooke believes that Steffy pops up every time they are about to get married and that Hope should just be with someone who makes her happy.

Hope is not in a happy mood. Wyatt asks her to at least have lunch with him. Hope says ok. Wyatt wants to know what Hope saw the night before. Hope explains she saw Steffy in Liam's arms and she did not stick around to find out what would happen next. Wyatt explains she is ok because she is with him now.

Quinn cannot believe how things have changed for her in just one year. She does not beleive she can be blamed for celebrating. Donna does not think that Eric knows Quinn. Quinn does not think that anything bad will happen because things are finally paying off for her. Donna explains that Hope and Liam have been through this before but they always end up back together. Quinn explains that Wyatt will be more than a little convincing.

Wyatt asks if Hope said anything to anyone. Hope did not want to deal with them yet again. She just walked away and walked out. Hope explains they were locked in each others eyes hugging. Liam wanted to see Hope before the wedding. Wyatt does not think that made sense. Hope thinks that was obvious but remembers he does not know Steffy. Hope explains that Steffy does this all the time and that she is done.

Brooke cannot believe that Liam is not shocked that Steffy showed up. Liam wants to know why Hope was even at the cabin in the first place. Brooke says it was because of the note. Liam did not write a note but thinks that Quinn set him up. Liam knew something was off about Quinn from the very begining. Liam will not take this as a sign they are over. Liam will tell Hope the truth. Brooke says he can try. Liam is going to go tell off Quinn.

Donna thinks that Wyatt will one day make someone very happy but it will not be Hope. They have been through so much not just Steffy as Bill has done things too. Quinn believes that things are just starting and Quinn is a fact of Donna's life.

Wyatt will not be a hypocrit but he is sorry she got hurt but not sorry she didn't get married. Wyatt thinks Liam is an idiot and does not think Hope should put up with this. Hope has heard every reason about Steffy but he has always had logical reasons but it is over.

Liam storms in and tells Quinn that he knows she wrote the note. Quinn thinks that Liam is lying and explains she has no intention of talking to him right now.

Hope says she is doing ok to Brooke but would rather not say where she is. Brooke explains that there is something she does not know about the situation. Hope does not even want to know. She is just done with it. Brooke understands. Hope decides to get off the phone. Wyatt just got an idea. Wyatt thinks they should spend their holidays in Hawii. Hope thinks for a second and imidiatly says yes.

Donna cannot believe that Quinn did this to him. Liam cannot either. Donna tells Liam that Hope went to Hawaii. Liam runs off saying he owes her.

Hope cannot be the product of an ultimayhem. It just will never be ok for her. Wyatt knows he can be her man. He will not let Hope keep choosing Liam over him when he keeps screwing up. He believes this is the best place for them to start their lives and they will not regret it. Wyatt and Hope kiss.

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