B&B Friday Update 12/20/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/20/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

The pilot talks to Wyatt on the Forrester jet about his trip to Hawaii before telling him that they'll take off just as soon as Quinn is on board. Once the pilot leaves, Wyatt looks depressed.

Eric and Donna wonder when Brooke will tell Bill that Ridge is back in town. Eric says in his opinion she can't do that soon enough. Charlie tells Bill and Brooke that they will be escorting Liam down the isle together before going off to ice the cake with Pam. Seeing Bill alone with Brooke, Donna pulls her sister away for a sister photo as Bill shoots her a dirty look. Caroline assures Rick that Liam is so ready to marry his sister.

Steffy says all those months in Paris, she was just trying to forget. Liam asks Steffy why she took more tests. Steffy says it was because she couldn't forget. She says she'd see children in Paris walking around with their mothers and feel terrible knowing it would never be her. Liam tells her well that's over now, she doesn't have to feel that way ever again. Steffy tells Liam that she wants him to know that the only reason why she left was because she knew she couldn't give him what he really wanted, a child of his own. She says she just couldn't do that to him. Liam says she has given up so much but Steffy says he's the only thing that ever mattered to her. Liam smiles looking touched and he hugs Steffy. Outside, Hope looks angry to see Liam and Steffy sharing a hug.

Oliver talks to Rick, saying that Liam finally got Hope. Rick feels bad for Oliver, knowing how much he loved Hope. Oliver says he and Hope are in the past now because he made the worst mistake a guy could make with a girl. Rick asks what that is and Oliver says he told her they could just be friends.

Donna asks Brooke if she told Bill about Ridge yet. Brooke says no not yet. Donna asks if Ridge knows about Bill and her but Brooke says there is no Bill and her. Meanwhile, Bill talks to Caroline about how he wishes Wyatt could have been here because it would have been nice to have the whole family together. Caroline nods in agreement.

On the plane, Wyatt remembers his fond memories of Hope while looking pained.

Hope continues to watch Steffy and Liam through the window. Steffy tells Liam that she feels like herself again; happy and ready to have children again. Liam and Steffy talk about their lost child and share some tears and a smile. Hope nods her head to herself outside and looks pissed off. She turns and begins to rapidly walk away from the cabin.

Eric clinks glasses with Brooke and tells her that Hope is like another daughter to him. Brooke says she just hopes this wedding is all Hope has been wishing for. Eric asks if that's really all that's worrying her or is something else on her mind. He says he didn't tell Ridge yet about her and Bill being involved. Brooke says she and Bill are not involved, not anymore. Eric thinks Ridge should still know about them but Brooke says she's going to see if Hope is back from seeing Liam. Eric says that's a little unorthodox but Brooke says Hope is a Logan. Laughing, Eric says yes she is.

Wyatt is annoyed with his mother for taking so long to show up. Wyatt tells Quinn to stop telling him to keep waiting for Hope because it's time to move on. Quinn tells Wyatt that Hope is in love with him but Wyatt tells his mother that is something he doesn't ever want to hear again. Quinn tells Wyatt that this is not over and urges him not to go to Hawaii.

Brooke comes back to Hope's room and is shocked to see her still not in her wedding dress. Noting that Hope is stressed out and upset, Brooke asks what Liam had to say. Hope stuns her mother when she says she's not going to do this; she is not marrying Liam.

Liam tells Steffy that hearing she can have kids again is the best news he's heard in a long time. Steffy cheekily tells him that he can consider it her wedding gift to him making Liam laugh. Steffy asks Liam why it took Hope and him so long to get married and Liam tells Steffy about Hope wanting to wait and about Wyatt. After hearing about Wyatt, Steffy asks if it really was all just flattery for Hope and not anything more. Liam says Hope was pretty taken by Wyatt but who would pick Wyatt over him anyway. Steffy supports him by saying, of course, no one would be dumb enough to do that. They share a laugh over that before Steffy tells him she's missed him. She says she's missed talking like this and Liam agrees he's missed this too. She says they had some good times but she walked away to give him something better, something she couldn't give him. Liam sighs giving her a smile.

Brooke urges Hope to talk to her. She asks if Liam and her argued but Hope says no. Hope doesn't give her mother any answers as she just says she has to get away from here. Kissing Brooke on the cheek, Hope leaves a flustered, confused Brooke behind.

Liam and Steffy talk about her miscarriage. Liam says that motorcycle accident wrecked them and Steffy agrees that it was awful. Liam says but it's in the past now. He says she could have other children. Steffy says yes and she will but there is only one man she wants to have them with and that hasn't changed. Liam looks uncomfortable, knowing she is talking about him. Steffy tells Liam that she never stopped loving him. Liam falls speechless for a moment before saying he's committed to Hope. Steffy nods her head and an awkward moment of silence passes between them before Liam says but she's been given a whole new life, and he couldn't be happier for her. He says and she will have that child one day but not with him. Steffy looks teary and Liam huge her attempting to make her feel better. Steffy controls her tears and says a short “okay” before turning and leaving the cabin and Liam behind.

Wyatt tells his mother that he was just so certain that Hope was going to end up with him. Quinn says she will because he is the better man for her. The pilot says they will be ready to go in just a few moments. Quinn begs Wyatt to wait but Wyatt is adamant to take off as soon as possible.

Liam's happy mood is spoiled when Brooke enters the cabin and angrily lets him know that Hope is gone. Liam asks her what she means. Brooke tells him Hope left after seeing him. Liam tells Brooke he never saw Hope but then realizes what must have happened. He tells Brooke that Steffy was here, and he was talking to her and Hope must have seen them through the window. Brooke grips her hair looking frustrated and angry with Liam.

Hope shows up on the plane and tells Quinn to go back to the office because she's not fired. Quinn looks very pleased as she leaves Wyatt and Hope to talk. Hope tells Wyatt that they are going to Hawaii, because she needs to get out of here. Wyatt learns that Steffy is the reason why Hope left Liam at the altar, and he says sorry before saying who is he kidding, he's not sorry. Wyatt says Hawaii here we come, and Hope says rock and roll as they hug each other.

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