B&B Thursday Update 12/19/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/19/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope thanks her mother for the wedding arrangements. She says it's simple and intimate just like she wanted. Brooke and Hope share a hug while Liam is given help in getting ready by Caroline and his father. Bill offers Liam a drink to help him calm his nerves, but Liam says he's steady as a rock right now, not nervous at all. Bill says he'll drink to both of them then. Caroline and Liam talk about the last time he and Hope tried to get married and how he showed up with dyed hair and tattoos. Liam tells them not to go there and Bill agrees that it is all in the past. He says today he marries Hope. Bill says he has to admit he thought he would end up with Steffy, but he guesses even he can be wrong sometimes.

Steffy is about to land in L.A. Quinn thanks her for not going to Paris. She tells her she just found out that she can have children, that is a game changer and something that she needs to tell Liam before he marries Hope. Quinn gets Wyatt to not leave for Hawaii just yet. On the phone, she tells him to find out where Liam is and text her and not to give up on Hope. Wyatt agrees to text her but says he is leaving for Hawaii as soon as he talks to Hope.

Pam and Charlie frost the wedding cake at the Forrester mansion while the guests arrive. Carter asks Rick and Caroline how their honeymoon was and they tell him it was great. Oliver tells them all to gather around because Hope wants him to take a lot of pictures. Oliver  takes pictures of the guests while Donna says to Eric that she wonders if Bill knows that Ridge is back in town.

Liam tells his dad that this is the part where he is supposed to offer him profound words of fatherly wisdom but Bill says he's the last person who should be giving him marriage advice. Liam looks upset for him but Bill says Liam doesn't need the advice, he isn't worried about him, he is going to be a fine husband. Bill hugs Liam and tells him he's proud of him before saying he knows it took him a lot of time to accept Hope and him together but now he and Hope have his support. Liam thanks Bill for having his back and Bill tells him that his brother will no longer be an issue for him and Hope.

Oliver helps Wyatt speak to Hope alone by telling him that Hope is upstairs in her room getting ready and Liam is at the cabin outside. Wyatt thanks him before going up to Hope's room to talk to her one last time.

Quinn is visibly hyper as the plane lands. She tells Steffy where to find Liam and tells her that she is meant to be with Liam, and Hope is meant to be with her son Wyatt.

Hope asks her mother how her hair looks and Brooke says she thinks it's going to look absolutely stunning with her headpiece. Hope squeals in happiness and Brooke is about to help her finish up her make-up when Wyatt enters. Hope asks for a moment alone with him and Brooke goes downstairs. Wyatt smiles and says to Hope that she looks exactly like he'd pictured she'd look on her wedding day: absolutely beautiful. He says he just wanted to say he hopes her wedding is more magical than she ever imagined it would be. Hope looks back at Wyatt looking very touched by his words.

Steffy walks straight to the cabin to talk to Liam and tell him her news. She looks determined, but seeing the wedding décor around Brooke's backyard, she starts to look doubtful and lets out a sigh.

Caroline asks Carter if he and Maya are close to picking out a wedding date yet and Carter says they are.

Charlie reveals that he'll be officiating the wedding as Hope asked him to and he's a Justice of the Peace. Pam is clearly smitten with Charlie as she talks to the others about his many abilities.

Bill finds Brooke standing off to the side and he says it's a big day for their children today. He says they will be getting married soon too, telling her he's not giving up on her. Brooke just sighs before Eric comes over to her and tells her that Thorne and Aly are going to be a little late in arriving. Eric asks Brooke if she told Bill about Ridge and if Ridge knows about Bill and her affair. Brooke says she hasn't told Ridge anything yet.

As Steffy hesitates over whether or not she should go talk to Liam she remembers her memories of their lives together and smiles.

Wyatt continues telling Hope that he wishes her all the happiness in the world. He lets Hope know that him and his mother are going to be gone to Hawaii for a little so he can surf and clear his head a bit. Hope says that sounds good awkwardly. Wyatt tells Hope how she made him a better man, he says yes he was cocky and arrogant to Liam but that was because he had never felt this way about any woman before. He tells her he thinks the world of her and wants her to be happy. He says that Liam is all right making her smile as he says that she's making a good choice. Hope smiles at Wyatt looking overwhelmed with emotion.

Liam thinks he spots Steffy outside the cabin. Wondering if it's really her, Liam goes out and calls out to her. When she turns to him Liam is stunned and Steffy smiles back at him.

Hope tries to tell Wyatt that they can still be friends but Wyatt tells her he can't be friends with her after falling in love with her. He says he can't be around her knowing he can't have her. Wyatt lets out a frustrated sigh and leaves Hope with teary eyes as she whispers goodbye to Wyatt as the door closes behind him. Quinn is seen by Hope after she tries to run away undetected after slipping a note in her room but Hope didn't see her actually place it there. They share a brief conversation about Quinn working at International.

Liam tells Steffy that this is such a surprise, he never expected her to be here. Steffy says she knows what today is and she's not here to cause any trouble and she's not going to stay long but she just needed to see him. Liam smiles at her before asking her how Paris is. Steffy says good, she was really starting to accept her life there but then something unbelievable happened. Steffy tells Liam that she has the most incredible news making Liam curious. Laughing and crying at the same time, Steffy tells Liam that she just found out that she can have children. Liam gasps out a what and looks absolutely overwhelmed with joy at her news.

Brooke comes up to check on Hope and asks her if she's having any second thoughts after talking to Wyatt. Hope says no, the only thing that was in their way was Steffy and that's over with now. Brooke tells her she is happy for her before discovering a note on Hope's desk. It appears to be from Liam asking her to meet him at the cabin. Despite Brooke saying it's bad luck for Liam to see her before the wedding, Hope goes to meet Liam. The wedding guests make a toast to Liam and Hope while Hope goes outside to the cabin. Hope sees Steffy with Liam through the window and is stunned to find them smiling and talking to each other.

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