B&B Wednesday Update 12/18/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/18/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge kiss near her fountain. Ridge calls Brooke, Logan. Brooke says Ridge. Ridge asks if Brooke missed him.

Liam asks what took Hope so long. Hope explains that Brooke was talking about Ridge. Liam asks if the wedding is planned. Hope says yes.

Quinn tells Steffy she has to stop this wedding. Steffy just can't do it. Quinn does not think the marriage will last if it is based on ultimatums. Quinn knows that Steffy left LA for Liam. Quinn believes that she has to go back to LA to find out if Liam would marry Hope if Steffy can still have babies. She does not believe that if she leaves it null and void that she won't regret it. Steffy decides to go back to LA.

Hope tells Liam all he has to do is show up dressed. Liam says he can do it this time. Hope knows that there is nothing in her way this time.

Donna comes to see Eric. Eric is a bit surprised right now and explains that Ridge is home to stay. Donna wonders about Brooke.

Ridge explains he is back now. Ridge wanted to be back so many times. He knows it has been to long. Brooke does not look happy.

Steffy did not want to complicate things. Steffy cannot stand that Hope believed that Hope and Liam were not together because of Steffy. Quinn believes that she is making a smart choice right now. Quinn believes that Steffy can now have children. Hope believes they should get back to LA as fast as the can.

Liam tells Hope she needs to go sit down next to him. Hope cannot though she feels she needs to do something. Hope tells her to sit down. Hope feels nervous. Liam tells her she has nothing to worry about including Steffy, Bill, Wyatt, or Quinn. He does not believe they will have any problems.

Ridge tells Brooke he is sorry that he hurt her. Brooke punches him in the face. Brooke cannot believe he is sorry. She had to come back from her honeymoon and deal with life without him. Ridge is sorry for everything. Ridge has been trying to figure out how to make this up to her. He knows that can't other than to promise that it will not happen again. Brooke cannot believe this is happening. Ridge asks if it is really happening. Ridge has really missed her. Brooke has to and starts crying. The two hug.

Liam believes as long as he is with Hope things will be perfect. Liam explains that saying Steffy's name does not make her magically appear. Liam knows how sensitive she is to her though. Hope knows that Steffy will not be apart of the wedding.

Steffy asks when the wedding is. She knows she has to stop the wedding.

Donna asks how things are going to go down. Donna knows people love to gossip. She explains that Bill is desperate to have her back. Donna does not believe things will go over well.

Brooke explains that Hope and Liam are getting married tomorrow. Ridge is shocked. Brooke says she wanted to invite RJ but he was busy with school. Ridge explains that when the semester is over he plans to bring RJ back here. Ridge wants to reinvent himself. Brooke and Ridge kiss again.

Steffy flips through a wedding and does not look happy with what she is about to do. She thinks about Liam.

Hope feels a little bit bad for Steffy. She asks if Steffy knows about the wedding. Liam did not tell her and he does not feel bad for her. Hope knows that Liam almost had a family with her but she is grateful that he is with her. Liam tells Hope that everything is in the past. Hope knows this. The two kiss.

Eric thinks that they are both in for a shock. Donna cannot believe this. She thinks that Brooke is passionate about Bill but Ridge is the love of her life.

Ridge knows that he has made a lot of bad assumptions but he wants to come home and be a family again. He hopes that Brooke wants that too. Brooke believes that a lot has happened. Ridge knows but it is only about her and only her. He wishes that this did not happen. Brooke really never had Hope for her and Ridge. Brooke tries to tell Ridge about Bill but Ridge stops her. Ridge knows she is busy. Ridge asks if Hope is staying with her tonight. Brooke says yes. Ridge is happy about that he would like to celebrate after with her. Ridge explains that he is home. He leaves. Brooke starts to cry and becomes a mess.

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