B&B Tuesday Update 12/17/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/17/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric confirms that Ridge is back to get back with Brooke. Ridge misses Brooke very much and cannot believe that he let himself stay away from her. He has had little contact with her.

Brooke calls Katie and explains she misses her and hopes she changes her mind about the wedding. Hope comes in and explains she is so happy that she is finally getting married.

Quinn tells Steffy that she is doing the wrong thing right now. Quinn believes that things have changed right now. Steffy does not want to tell Liam because he is about to marry Hope. Quinn explains that she needs to decide what they are doing next. Quinn understands that she does not know much about Liam. However she knows that Liam does not like the fact she is gone. Steffy explains that Liam wanted to stay married but she just couldn't. Steffy believes that Quinn would not be doing this if it were not for Wyatt. Quinn says yes it is but that she is also trying to correct the wrongs of all.

Brooke is very happy for Hope but wonders if Hope really wants to get married right now. Brooke thinks that Hope's attraction to Wyatt has not yet gone away. Hope admits she is attracted to him and she feels like she could have been with him but Liam came first. Now that Steffy is gone she is perfectly fine. The future belongs only to her.

Eric tells Ridge that it was devastating that Brooke and Ridge broke up. Eric explains that Stephanie did not want Ridge here when she was dying. Ridge wishes he had been here for her. Eric knows.

Quinn shows everyone her jewels. Quinn tells Steffy all about Wyatt and Hope's Mexican adventure. Quinn tells Steffy to come to LA to see how things are going. Quinn continues to show the line.

Brooke asks what Quinn and Wyatt plan to do now that they are no longer. Brooke believes other companies will be turned off by them. Hope feels really bad now. Brooke feels this is unfortunate. Hope just saw Wyatt clearing out and it was really upsetting. Hope has to cut off all ties with Wyatt though for Liam. Hope believes love should come over every thing and this is what Liam wanted. Brooke understands this if that is what she wants.

Eric wants to know why only a few messages broke up Ridge's marriage. Ridge tells him that Brooke lied to him about Deacon and it was just not working. Ridge just wanted to get away and he used it as an excuse. Ridge needed away to meet himself as a man. He knows what he is not now and he needs Brooke to be himself again. He needs to know what Brooke has been up to before he tracks her down.

Steffy is shocked that Eric had Quinn leave. Quinn tells her that it was Hope who had her leave because Liam wanted it. Hope had no choice. Steffy is shocked that Hope is attracted to Wyatt. Quinn believes that Steffy has no choice but to stop the wedding.

Eric tells him this is all the advice he has to offer about Brooke. He tells him to go talk to her. Ridge wants to fix his mistakes he is never going to let Brooke go.

Brooke believes because the guest is small they can fix things up in the backyard. Brooke briefly remembers Ridge when they go past a staircase. Brooke explains she had thought about Ridge and Ridge was there one day after she thought he was gone. Then one day he was just gone. Hope thinks that Brooke is ok. Brooke tells Hope she needs to go sleep for her wedding. Hope cannot wait. Brooke thinks for a moment.

Steffy understands what is going on. She just cannot effect any of that. Quinn says that she can if she wants to. Quinn believes that Steffy and Liam could still be together unless she met someone. Steffy says there is no one. Quinn tells her to go claim what is hers because if she does not go now she is going to lose Liam forever.

Brooke sits on a bench in front of her fountain and rose pedals start to appear. She looks up to find Ridge. She looks very shocked. She stands up and Ridge walks down the stairs. Brooke starts to walk up. Ridge hands Brooke a single rose. The two kiss passionately without saying a word.

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