B&B Monday Update 12/16/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/16/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge hugs Eric. Eric says he is back and Ridge says it has been a long time. Eric knows he is larger than life and that he lights up a room. Ridge asks about Stephanie's passing. Ridge wants to know why he was not here. Eric says it was all for the best. Ridge looks at Stephanie's photo with guilt.

Brooke comes to see Katie and explains to her that Hope and Liam are getting married and she hopes that Katie will show up.

Wyatt starts packing up and asks what he can take. Hope explains that he is entitled to all that is his. Wyatt explains that he has no regrets.

Quinn explains that she just heard Steffy on the phone. Steffy explains that her baby forgave her and that she never had a name but that it would have been Aspen.

Wyatt explains that Quinn is at the Paris office and wonders if anything could come of it. Hope hopes. Hope explains that Wyatt has a paycheck waiting for him in Accounting. Wyatt does not care about that. All he cares about is Hope.

Steffy is shocked to hear that her father is currently in LA. She does not know why he went.

Eric explains that Stephanie forgave everyone in the end. Eric says that any grudges he had with Ridge are over. He is happy to see him home. Ridge smiles.

Katie is not sure if she wants to go to a wedding where Brooke and Bill are acting as happy parents. Brooke says that there is another thing and she probably will not like it.

Hope acknowledges that Hope has a new faith in her judgment. She knows that Wyatt is the cause of that. Hope believes that after seeing herself through Wyatt's eyes she has been able to be herself.

Quinn is shocked at the gift that Steffy wants to give the hospital but she will take it for her. Quinn wonders if Steffy would like to tell someone else her good news back in LA.

Eric explains that Steffy was back in LA for the day. Ridge did not know. Ridge knows that his children were there for him when they needed him. Ridge has no news to really speak of but would like to know what he missed.

Brooke explains that she will have to be around Bill to plan the wedding. She didn't want Katie to hear something. Katie thanks her for telling her but she didn't have to do that. Katie knows that Brooke does not do things until they happen. Brooke always thought she was going to be with Ridge and that was it. She did not feel like she had anything to hold on to.

Ridge is shocked that another Forrester son has married another Caroline Spencer. He wonders if Rick will be worried that he is back. Ridge broke himself one day after having two different families. The past found him yet again and he wanted a new start and a new life. He wished someone had told him that does not happen. He can only stay in the past and that is right here.

Quinn explains that this news would mean the world to Liam. Steffy tells her to never tell Liam. Steffy is sorry for what Liam did to Wyatt. Quinn is not that worried because she believes that Liam is still in love with Steffy.

Hope wishes that Wyatt were not going. Wyatt wonders if he had admitted it first would anything be different. He has never been in love before. He just wishes he had been better at it.

Eric asks where Ridge plans to stay. Eric tells him to stay here. Ridge is not sure there is any room Eric thinks there is and to stay. He asks how long he plans to stay. Ridge explains he is here for one reason and that is Brooke.

Katie feels this is going to take time. Brooke says they are sisters for life and they have a lifetime.

Hope and Wyatt look at a head band for her wedding. Wyatt puts it on her head to see what it looks like. Wyatt wonders if it will go well with a piece of jewelry he has for her. Hope cannot wear it. Wyatt knows she can't wear his jewelry at her wedding.

Quinn explains that Liam is dismissive and cold to Hope. Liam forced her to fire Quinn and Wyatt. Quinn believes that if Liam knew about what the doctor said that there would not be a wedding.

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