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Wyatt tells Liam he won, he gets Hope. He begs Liam not to take his job and his mother's job at Forrester away. He says he will respect Liam and Hope's marriage and he will not cross the line with her and gives Liam his word on that. Liam asks Wyatt why he should believe him and Wyatt says because he's looking him in the eye and making him a promise. He begs Liam to agree, saying he can trust him but Liam doesn't look sure at all.

Eric promises Quinn that he will talk to Hope and see whatever he can do to keep her and Wyatt here. Quinn thanks him and he says they have been a terrific addition to the company and he'd hate to see them go. Donna knocks on the door and tells Eric she has a surprise for him. Steffy comes in and Eric is thrilled to see his granddaughter. Steffy asks him if he missed her and Eric jokes with her by saying he never noticed she was gone making her punch him playfully. Grandfather and granddaughter share a hug as Quinn watches Steffy with wide, unblinking eyes. Brooke asks Hope how strong her attraction to Wyatt is. Hope tells her that she's okay with seeing him at holidays dinners and family events which she will seeing he will be her brother-in-law but seeing him everyday at work like this while she's married would be too much temptation for her.

Hope continues talking to her mother about Wyatt and his clear feelings for her. Brooke says that Wyatt is a very charming, very confident young man. Hope says he is and maybe in another life her and Wyatt could have been together and they would have been very happy but there is no point in thinking about that because it's never going to happen. She says she is totally committed to Liam and is ready to be his wife. Brooke asks if Hope really needs to get rid of Wyatt to do that and Hope says she'd rather just not tempt fate. Brooke asks her if this is her talking or Liam but Hope says Wyatt is a great guy and fun to be around but she really thinks this is for the best. Brooke doesn't look sure with her answer.

Wyatt tells Liam again that he gives up and he wins; he can't stop their wedding. Liam says then he should stop trying. Wyatt tells Liam that he thought he was a bad guy because of all the stories of him and Hope and Hope and Steffy. He says he didn't think he would treat Hope right. Liam says that was none of his business in the first place. Wyatt agrees that it wasn't and he gets that now. He says he used to think the he'd hurt her and go back to Steffy eventually but he didn't. He says it turns out Steffy is no longer an issue.

Eric introduces Steffy to Quinn. Quinn tells Steffy that she's heard so much about her and she's even more beautiful in person. Steffy says she likes Quinn already making them laugh. Eric asks Steffy how long she's staying and Steffy tells him she just decided to make a quick trip and no one even knows she's here. Eric asks her how Paris is and she says it's great. She tells him her dad is great, Thomas is as annoying as ever. She says she heard everything is going great for Hope and she's happy for her and Liam. Steffy says everything worked out for the best at which Quinn looks like she's plotting something as she can't take her eyes off of Steffy.

Steffy and Eric talk about Paris and Steffy says it's a cool city to live in but she still misses living in L.A. Eric tells Steffy L.A. isn't the same without her. Steffy says it must be much quieter and she'll bet it's boring. Smiling, Eric says that's true making Steffy laugh. Steffy tells Eric that she's only here for a doctor's appointment. Seeing Eric look concerned she tells him there is nothing to worry about. Eric is relieved and tells Steffy that Liam and Hope are getting married. Quinn looks up to see how Steffy will react to that but Steffy just says that's good and she is happy for them. Steffy moves to leave for the airport after thanking Eric for letting her use his jet. Eric says it's his pleasure and tells her to give his regards to her family in Paris and have a safe trip. Steffy hugs Eric again before telling Quinn it was nice to meet her and leaving. Quinn says it was nice to meet her too and clearly appears to be plotting something in her head.

Hope says that she wishes she had been more sensitive to Liam with regards to his not liking her working with Wyatt but Brooke says Liam was just getting a taste of his own medicine with what he made her go through with Steffy always being there. She changes the topic then by saying but the important thing is that Liam and her are now getting married and Hope says yes that is what is important. Hope says and Wyatt was really nice to her and others but he was rough with Liam. She says she's really hoping that they can now come together and get along as brothers. Wyatt tells Liam that he has learned his lesson and urges him not to make his mother and his employees pay for what he did. Liam says that's the last thing he wants to do and Wyatt thinks Liam is giving in but Liam tells him not to do that. He says he won't accept Wyatt laying a guilt trip on him. Wyatt doesn't think he's doing that leaving Liam frustrated. He tells Wyatt he wanted to be his brother and be his friend but friendship is something you have to earn and he doesn't trust him at all. He says and about trusting him ever; he doesn't think that's probable either. Wyatt finally gets angry and tells Liam how he only had eyes for Hope, how he made her line a success and was always there for her. Liam doesn't react the way he'd hoped as he says it doesn't matter; he is the man Hope wants, he is her fiancée and Wyatt will just have to accept that because he has no choice. Wyatt looks upset and shocked.

Quinn uses her sharp thinking to convince Eric to let her take a quick trip to Paris with Steffy by using the excuse to want to meet the team at International. Quinn kisses Eric and rushes out as Donna looks at her suspiciously. Quinn tells Donna to shut up as she leaves and Donna is frazzled and angry at her treatment of her. Hope talks to her mother about how focused Liam is on her and only her. She says it's nice to know Steffy is in the past and Liam and no longer an issue between them. Hearing Wyatt beg him again to not do this to his employees and his mother, Liam tells him he doesn't like doing this. He admits that Wyatt and his mom have made legitimate contributions to Forrester but it doesn't change what they have done to him. Wyatt tells him to get over the Steffy video affair but Liam tells him his mother is way too obsessed with him. Wyatt says he's her only son but Liam says he has been nothing but arrogant and cocky to him as well. He tells Wyatt his is his fault, if he had been real to him from the start then things would not have been this way but it's too late now because him and his mother have no more moves left to pull on him.

Steffy finds herself faced with Quinn on the jet. Confused, she asks Quinn what she's doing here and Quinn tells her she came to stop her from going back to Paris. Donna tells Eric that there is something wrong with Quinn. Eric says he finds her to be charming but Donna says she finds her to be creepy. She says she literally looks like a witch. Eric says he thinks she's beautiful making Donna upset. She says she saw their kiss and says she's coming onto him but Eric says they both enjoy each other's company. Donna warns Eric to be careful because Quinn could be after his money or job security or both. She says she hopes Quinn's trip to Paris is one-way. Eric just smiles at Donna. On the plane Quinn eyes Steffy greedily while talking to Wyatt and letting him know she's going to Paris. Wyatt says she has horrible timing but Quinn tells him to trust her and says this trip is exactly what they need.

Liam couldn't be happier as he tells Hope about how he's so pleased Wyatt and his mother will be gone from their lives. He kisses Hope and says they should start planning the wedding already. Quinn tells Steffy that there is still time to turn the plane around and go back to L.A. where her whole life is. Steffy tells Quinn her life is back in Paris. She then says that she doesn't get why she doesn't want her to go to Paris because as far as she knows she's going with her to Paris for business. Quinn tells Steffy she saw her reaction to Hope and Liam's wedding news. She says she still loves him. Steffy falls silent. Quinn tells Steffy that she's the only one who can stop Liam and Hope from getting married. She tells Steffy that that is what she has to do: stop them.

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