B&B Wednesday Update 12/11/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/11/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam texts on his phone while Hope shows up explaining she just ran into Bill. Liam asks how it went for her and Wyatt. Liam hopes she knows that had to do this for them to be able to work as a couple. Liam is happy they are getting married at her mothers house.

Wyatt explains he had a huge romantic dinner planned and Liam told her what she had to do. Wyatt tells Quinn that they are out at Forrester. Wyatt tells her it is over. The two hug.

Eric finds Brooke working. Brooke explains she has a clothing line as well to work on. She knows that HFTF is headline right now but she has to get her line ready when they start shifting. Eric finds it fascinating that Hope is being so in charge right now.

Liam thinks that Wyatt and Quinn use work as a way to get to Hope. Hope knows that he did do this. Liam wonders if Wyatt is going to tell Quinn. Hope says yes but Quinn will not be happy. Liam does not care because they are done messing with their lives.

Wyatt does not understand this at all. Quinn knows that Liam will do what he has again. Quinn thinks they have to do something about this.

Brooke wonders how Wyatt is making big moves over Hope. Eric explains that Quinn will tell her about it. Eric is very proud of Quinn and Wyatt and what they have done for the company. He hopes it continues for a long time. He can see it being a problem if Hope and Liam do actually get married.

Liam thinks they should take the day off today. Hope is sorry that she didn't call him after she went to see Wyatt. Liam thinks that it must have just been hard. Liam knows though that she made it clear and it is over. Liam knows that Wyatt now knows that it is all over for him now. He cannot wait to be married. Liam shows her the ring. Hope tells him to put it on her finger. Hope thanks him and the two kiss.

Quinn does not think they should accept this. Wyatt knows that Hope loves him. Wyatt knows that she cannot be forced into anything. Quinn believes that he is everything that Hope wants in a man. Quinn believes that Liam is weak and insecure. Quinn knows that Hope and Wyatt were meant to be. Quinn knows that she was right. Quinn explains that he is her first priority. Wyatt refuses to let Liam play with their company this way. Wyatt goes to tell Liam he cannot do this anymore.

Brooke goes to see Hope in her office and asks what she wants to talk about. Brooke explains she wants to know what happened with Wyatt. Hope explains that she is getting married to Liam. Brooke says she is happy but confused. Hope explains that her evening with Wyatt did not go the way that she had hoped. Hope explains that she had to make Quinn and Wyatt leave Forrester in order to get married.

Quinn hopes that she is not interrupting Eric. Eric has her come in and asks what Hope thought of the spring line. Quinn says she has an issue. Hope and Liam are getting married right away and this is not what she or Wyatt wants. Quinn explains that Liam told Hope that he was done waiting and they were getting married now and made it that she and her son can no longer work at Forrester.

Wyatt demands to talk to Liam. Liam refuses to listen. Wyatt says he is sorry.

Quinn explains that not only is Wyatt losing Hope but a business deal. Quinn feels bad for Hope. Eric cannot believe this. Quinn understands that Hope has the right to fire her and she knows that she should not have come to him. Eric says he will talk to Hope. Quinn thanks him.

Brooke thinks that what Liam did was a demand. Brooke asks how Wyatt reacted. Hope explains that it was very difficult on him. Hope knows this is what she has to do and this is the best thing for everyone.

Wyatt knows he has been terrible to him. He loves Hope and he still does. It is not a problem anymore though. Wyatt explains that if Hope chooses Liam then fine. He has to accept it. Liam knows that this is all about Forrester then. Wyatt says that Liam making him leave the company is terrible. He begs him not to do this to him. He will respect his marriage he just cannot lose Forrester.

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