B&B Tuesday Update 12/10/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/10/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt will not let the break-up happen. Hope is sorry but she is doing this. Wyatt wonders if she really wants to do this just for Liam. Hope does not feel like she is being controlled; she is doing it for herself. She is sorry but it is the way it has to be. Wyatt will not accept this. He loves her and he knows she feels the same way.

Liam walks in on Bill playing with a pony on the internet. Liam explains he has good news, because he is getting married. Bill asks where he plans to live.

Brooke says it was an incredible day on Thanksgiving. She thought it was lovely. Brooke noticed that Donna a some nice time with Eric. Donna noticed that Brooke and Bill did as well. Brooke tells her that was not quality time. She says Bill just will not let it go. She refuses to be alone with him. She cannot deal with him anymore.

Liam tells Bill that he gave Hope a choice. Bill is proud of him but wonders about Wyatt. Liam says Hope is telling him now.

Wyatt asks if Hope if she is even ready to get married. Hope knows that Liam is a decent man, and he would make a great father and husband. She is ready for this. Wyatt will not let this happen. Hope thinks that Liam does not deserve to be insulted either. Wyatt asks why Hope is suddenly ready for marriage and does not buy it.

Brooke shows Donna some of Bill's emails. Donna really does not really know what to say. Donna tells Brooke to threaten to call the police or file a restraining order. Brooke does not think it is that bad yet. Brooke is happy that he still cares.

Liam explains to Bill that Hope has to break the deal with Wyatt and Quinn. Bill is happy for that. Liam tells Bill not to tell him about Steffy. Bill believes Steffy was the full package.

Wyatt asks how many proposals and rings he has given Hope. Hope believes that Liam has been punished. Wyatt does not think that he was some type of pawn for Liam. He believes they are in love. Hope is going through with it because they are in love. Wyatt is not accepting it even if Hope does not want to. Hope still wants to be close to Wyatt. Wyatt will not deal with close; he wants to hold and touch Hope. She refuses to have that anymore. Wyatt explains they will never be finished.

Bill wishes Liam the best in who ever he decides to marry and wants Liam to help him make the horse that he has on the screen go up in the air. Liam does not want to do this. Liam quickly explains it to him being disturbed. Liam thinks that Bill is disturbed and should possibly take a cold shower.

Brooke and Donna have small talk and Brooke gets another email. Donna has her open it. The two see the horse and they laugh. Brooke says that this needs to stop. Brooke makes a video call with Bill and asks how immature he can be. Brooke wonders what she is going to do with Bill. Donna rolls her eyes in concern and disgust.

Wyatt thinks they are at the start of a relationship. Hope thinks it was just a work relationship. Hope does not feel guilt. Wyatt believes that Liam should be guilted. Wyatt fell in love with Hope the moment they first kissed. Wyatt will never have a Steffy. Hope does not think that Steffy will ever be back. Wyatt mentions that they could go to India and party. Wyatt explains this was supposed to be a night to plan the trip and possibly do something else they have not done before that could possibly change her mind. Hope kisses Wyatt very passionately.

Bill eats Chinese food and thinks about the times that he and Brooke kissed and became passionate with each other. Brooke also thinks the same thing.

Bill is shocked that Liam let Hope go to Wyatt's without him. He believes that Wyatt is going to fight this.

Hope stops kissing and explains this is wrong, and they have to stop. Hope still wants to marry Liam though. Wyatt does not think this is wrong at all. This is not about Liam; it's about what they have and they need to let it go. Hope thinks this is why they cannot even work together. Hope believes that Wyatt is special, but she is sorry but she cannot do this. Hope hates that she is bringing Wyatt pain. Hope knows that Wyatt is the best. Wyatt only cares about Hope. Hope says she loves him, but she loves Liam more. She is sorry. She leaves. Wyatt is speechless.

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