B&B Monday Update 12/9/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/9/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam tells Hope he loves her and wants to get this out of the way before Wyatt and Quinn can do anything else. Liam believes they are ready. Hope does not want to have to make a choice though.

Wyatt and Quinn are praised for making the diamond such a big thing and Wyatt and Hope are needed to go to India to be shown gems. Eric explains that not every gem is going to get the same treatment as the diamond did. Wyatt thanks their friend and he leaves. Wyatt explains to Quinn he was going to give it to Hope one day. Eric congratulates the two on their success.

Liam wants a reason as to why Hope is not going to say yes. Hope explains that she has so much to think about. Hope cannot just say no. Liam is done waiting and he is not going to go back or stand still. He tells Hope she has to cut Wyatt out. He begs her to do this.

Wyatt tells Quinn and Eric he has to leave. Wyatt has to make a few stops before he meets Hope tonight. Eric asks if things are going well between the two of them. Wyatt believes they are and he believes the sky is the limit with Hope. He is not going to give up the best thing that has happened to him.

Hope knows that there is nothing else in their way anymore. Liam knows everyone is gone that would be in their way. He believes they need to cut out distractions and focus on each other. Liam asks Hope one more time. Hope says she is not waiting for anything. Hope decides they are going to get married. Liam makes her confirm she is saying yes. Hope loves Liam and wants to marry him. Liam asks if she has any reservations. Hope says no but she does not want to break the contract with Quinn and Wyatt. Liam says she has to.

Eric gets off the phone and asks Quinn what is next. Quinn explains she has some ideas. Eric asks if she would like to share. Quinn gives Eric a jewelry box and Eric opens it. He says they are beautiful and they are cufflinks. Quinn thinks this partnership can go places they have not even thought of yet.

Wyatt gets every thing ready for his night with Hope making everything looks like India. Wyatt thinks of the time he first had the diamond.

Liam cannot trust them. He wishes he could for Hope. Hope knows that Quinn took things far but still. Liam believes that if they get rid of them that nothing will happen. Liam thinks they are bad for them. He believes they have to cut them out to stop them from trying to hurt them. He does not think they even need Forrester anymore not like Liam needs Hope. Hope agrees. She will talk to Wyatt tonight. Hope explains that he wanted to see her. Liam asks if he should come along. Hope says she can handle it. Liam tells her to come over to his house so they can celebrate. Hope believes that she no longer is sharing him. She will not make him share her either. The two kiss.

Eric thinks they are really stunning but that she has thanked him enough. Quinn believes she will never be able to do that. Quinn believes that she has her life to thank for Eric. He has inspired her. She has not seen so many changes to Wyatt since Forrester. She believes it is music to a mother's ears. Eric wonders if there is a future for Hope and Wyatt. Quinn believes that there will be.

Hope comes to see Wyatt and is shocked to see everything. Hope thinks it looks so exotic. Wyatt was shooting for romantic. Wyatt tells her they have been invited to India. Wyatt hopes that Hope would come with him. Wyatt wants to take Hope everywhere and anywhere. He believes this is the start of something. Hope frowns. Wyatt notices that she is not happy. Hope explains she talked to Liam and their wedding and she had to make a choice. Hope is sorry too because she has to end her relationship with both his company and Wyatt. Hope says she cannot work with because of Liam. Wyatt cannot believe this. Hope does not think they even need Forrester anymore. Wyatt does not care about Liam. Hope does though because they are getting married. Hope thinks they have to end this, they cannot see each other anymore. Hope is very sorry. Wyatt asks her not to do this. Hope cannot see him anymore. Wyatt says no and kisses Hope. Wyatt tells her not a chance.

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