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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/6/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Aly tells Liam that she gets why Hope is enjoying spending time with Wyatt but she still doesn't think it's right. Liam sighs heavily before he says he hears her and turns away looking uncomfortable.

At home, Hope looks at pictures of Wyatt and her and Liam and her and recalls her memories of both men. She smiles and sighs to herself looking pleased.

Quinn grills her son in an attempt to find out what his big romantic gesture towards Hope is going to be. Wyatt says he set a precedent with their trip to Mexico and coming back with Ricardo's diamond but Hope expects great things from him. He laughs and says and he plans on delivering leaving Quinn more curious than ever.

Wyatt says if he is going to make a move. He has to do it now because Liam is frustrated and starting to show his true colors. Quinn makes fun of Liam and says yes he's whining and pouting like a kid and how he was taking turns between Hope and Steffy. Wyatt says exactly and Quinn urges him to tell her what he's planning. Wyatt calls Hope and tells her she has dinner plans with him tonight, and he has something very special planned for her. Hope asks him what, sounding excited but Wyatt says it's a surprise. Hope agrees to come and tells Wyatt to text her when he's leaving work. Quinn looks hyper at what her son has planned for tonight.

Aly finds Liam inside his home and apologizes thinking she's said something wrong. Liam tells her she didn't. Aly starts to beat herself up again about sending him that picture but Liam tells her not to do that to herself. Aly says she doesn't want to hurt Hope but she felt he had to know. She says Hope is so lucky to have him and asks Liam why Hope can't see that. Liam says because he put her through a lot himself but Aly says an eye for an eye is not right and it's not what Hope is or at least that isn't what she used to be like. Aly tells Liam that he deserves better than that.

Quinn offers to help Wyatt with his dinner date. He says he has it covered but Quinn says all he knows how to make is bacon. Wyatt says he has it covered but then adds in they can have bacon in the morning in case she spends the night making Quinn smile.

Liam tells Aly she has no idea what Hope has gone through due to his involvement with Steffy but Aly says that is what she doesn't understand. She says if she had been in Hope's place and had been waiting to be with him and then suddenly her problems were gone and she could be, she wouldn't be delaying it for no reason. Liam sighs looking upset because that is what Hope has been doing. He glances at the photo of Hope kissing Wyatt as Aly speaks. Aly says when she started at Forrester, at first it seemed really cool that Hope had two hot guys interested in her, but the more she thought about it. Liam interrupts her saying that there were so many chances for them to be together in the past, and he blew those. He says he's now trying to understand what it was like for Hope when he was with Steffy. Aly asks if that is what being with someone is: competition. She says that she was young when her parents died but not so young that she couldn't see the loyalty, comfort and attraction they had for each other in their eyes. She says and you just knew there was no one else any of them would rather be with. She says Hope is taking her connection with Liam for granted. Liam says somebody does need to tell her that and calls Hope. Liam asks to see her and Hope tells him she's home until tonight. Liam hangs up and Aly asks him what he's going to say to Hope and when he says he doesn't know Aly says she feels responsible. Liam says she's not, he is. He thanks her for reminding him of that and Aly smiles at Liam.

Quinn assures her son that it won't be much longer; Hope and Liam. Wyatt says that is what tonight is about. He says Hope is ready to let Liam go already she just some more encouragement. Quinn rants about how Liam and Hope aren't even a good match and how Hope is so much more better of a person than Liam is. She says Liam holds her back and with him Hope really shines so they will both be better without each other. She makes fun of Liam again saying of course he's going to throw his little temper tantrum first before realizing Hope has outgrown him. She says then he can go back to Steffy or find another poor girl to put up with him. Wyatt says amen and Quinn says amen to that too.

Aly goes to see her dad who asks her if they are still on for lunch. Aly says yes and Thorne confirms she wouldn't rather eat with Hope first to which Aly says no. Thorne realizes Aly is having some problem with Hope so he asks her what it is. Aly says she's learning a lot from Hope but she's not sure she likes what she's teaching leaving Thorne confused.

Liam arrives at Hope's home and gets very serious when Hope tells him about Wyatt even being in her photo shoot today. Liam puts Hope on the spot saying when Wyatt came along she had to prove something to him, the time was like and he gets that she enjoyed the attention of having two guys chase after her, he get's that because of Steffy and his past. He says he knows he's done some things to her that no one should have to go through but by now he's proven his loyalty to her but she's playing game with him. He says but they belong together so they should make this happen. He says no more Wyatt, and Hope doesn't look happy.

Thorne tells Aly he's surprised she's having issues with Hope, because he thought she really liked her. Aly says she does. She really respects Hope, but she wants what she wants, and it doesn't seem to matter to her when she makes decisions that hurt people. Thorne asks if she may be misinterpreting Hope, because she's a really nice person, but Aly thinks Hope is different now. She's not what she used to be like and not how she expected her to be. Thorne is stunned to hear that.

Quinn and Wyatt gloat about their success and how happy they are right now. Wyatt thinks about his future with Hope while Liam tells her it's time they said their vows. Hope looks unsure and Liam says he knows she asked him to give her time and he did. He says time for what exactly, though? To give Wyatt the wrong impression? He says he's shown his commitment to her and she needs to show him hers. Hope says they will get married eventually, but Liam says no, eventually is not okay anymore. She needs to cut ties with Wyatt and his company. Hope says that's not her call, trying to avoid doing that but Liam tells her it's her line so yes it is her call. Liam decides to take what he wants, and he's doing it now. He kisses Hope and asks her if he's making himself clear.

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