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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/5/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Liam sips coffee while looking at the picture of Hope kissing Wyatt, and he thinks back to all the time Wyatt and Hope have kissed despite him expressing his disapproval to the both of them. Aly comes over and apologizes to him for sending the photo to him and getting involved but Liam tells her it's okay. She says so he's not weirded out by her doing that, and Liam says the only person who weirds him out is his brother. Aly says half-brother making Liam laugh.

Hope drops in to see Katie. They make small talk before Hope tells Katie she plans on waiting around to speak to Liam. Hope is stunned to hear that Liam may have left for the day and won't be coming back to the office.

Quinn and Wyatt talk about how beautiful Hope is and look at the photo shoot pictures. Wyatt says they look good together and Quinn tells him he is so much better for Hope than Liam. She tells him that Hope will realize that and tells him not to give up on her. Wyatt smiles looking happy at that. Quinn and Wyatt bask in how miserable Liam was with them coming to Thanksgiving dinner. Quinn says Bill wasn't too happy with them being here either to which  Wyatt jokingly remarks he was happy to see his parents together at a dinner table for the very first time. Quinn and Wyatt talk about how extraordinary of an experience it was to have Thanksgiving dinner at the Forrester's home. She says Hope really created a special evening and Wyatt says everything Hope does is special.

Katie talks to Hope about Liam and how he's getting pretty upset with how much time she is spending seeing and kissing his brother. Hope says she's only hanging out with Wyatt due to work and she needs this time away from Liam after everything he put her through with Steffy. She says deep down Liam must know that.

Liam tells Aly that Hope has made it clear that they are not in a committed relationship right now, so technically she can do whatever she wants. Aly says when she saw Hope kissing Wyatt she thought it was unfair to him and she overreacted. She says it is so none of her business but Liam says it's okay, Wyatt has kissed Hope before many times. He says he punched him once because of that and Aly says she understands him fighting over her; Hope is amazing. Liam says she is and he is one hundred percent committed to her but something's got to give. Aly nods in agreement while staring at Liam. Liam gets a call from his friend telling him he can't come over. Aly asks what's wrong and he says nothing, a friend of his was going to come over to play some tennis but whatever. Aly says she could take his place and Liam says that's sweet but it gets pretty intense and Aly says she has work-out clothes in her car, they should just try and Liam agrees. He tells her he'll meet her outside on the court.

Quinn and Wyatt talk about how their futures are just getting started. Quinn says that they can't lose this and Wyatt assures her that they won't. He says that there is no limit to where they can go from here and Quinn smiles looking enthusiastic.

Katie tells Hope she is proud of her and her achievements. Hope says thank you and says things are great at Forrester right now with her line doing so well. She says that she has to give some credit to Wyatt though because his diamond idea was a huge hit. She says she loves Liam a lot but she likes the way her life is right now. Katie and Hope talk about Aly coming on board and Hope mentions how much Aly admires her and how she is like her loyal shadow. She says that Aly is shy, and she doesn't think she's dated much. Hope says she hopes to bring Aly out of her shell and teach her how to have a little fun.

At Liam's house, he and Aly prepare to start playing tennis together. She looks very happy being able to spend this time with Liam and be there for him.

Wyatt complains to his mother about Liam. He says that Liam is having trouble accepting that Hope isn't dying to marry him right now. Quinn and Wyatt continue to make fun of Liam for being a hypocrite and not giving Hope time when he did the same thing to her with Steffy. Wyatt believes he's being a lot more understanding of Hope and playing it cool and not being pushy like Liam is. He sighs and says but he thinks he may be making  a mistake in not being too persistent.

Hope tells Katie that Aly isn't afraid to share her opinion though as she told her she  thought she was stringing Liam along. Katie says that's pretty bold of Aly and Hope says but Aly was cute about it and just wanted to know how long she was going to make Liam wait before she married him. Katie says Aly has a point, Steffy is gone and nothing is standing in Hope's way in marrying Liam. Hope goes silent at Katie's words.

Despite an awkward start, Aly impresses Liam with tennis as she beats him nearly every time. Liam is stunned with her skills at tennis and Aly laughs looking happy with his reaction to her game.

Wyatt thinks of his moments with Hope before deciding he's got to make a move with Hope. He says he's respectful of her feelings but he can't sit by and not do anything. Quinn says you don't get anywhere in life if you don't take risks and be proactive. She says that's the only way to get what you want. Wyatt says and he wants to be with Hope that he is sure of. He says he has to plan something special and romantic to show her how he feels about her. He says it has to be big and beautiful and memorable for Hope.

Hope and Katie disagree about how she's treating Liam. Katie warns Hope that if she continues treating Liam like this and spending time with Wyatt, no matter how fun it is eventually she may lose Liam. Hope doesn't believe that will ever happen but looks a  little worried at the thought.

Back at Liam's place, after the tennis match it's obvious that Aly is developing a crush on Liam who is also enjoying spending time with her.

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