B&B Wednesday Update 12/4/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/4/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Maya do a photo shoot for Hope to the Future and Wyatt watches smiling.

Liam asks Katie how things went. Katie asks what he is talking about. Katie wonders if he was expecting Hope. Liam is just worried about Hope because of Wyatt. He feels like he is losing her. Katie thinks it is just a photo shoot.

Brooke tells Bill that he cannot be here. Bill explains he owns part of the company. Brooke wonders who he is here to see. Bill explains she knows. Brooke tells him to leave the door open. Bill closes it either way. Bill believes they have a lot of stuff to do. They have Brooke's bedroom to work on and Bill owns her because of it.

Katie tells Liam that he has lost Hope but not to Wyatt. He should know that Hope is not the same woman that she was years ago. She has had successes and even greater failure. Hope has grown up and she does not need Liam the same way she used to. Hope knows that Liam wants it the way it used to be but Hope is no longer in need of him all the time. Katie asks Liam what he needs not what Hope needs.

Wyatt tells Maya to get in the photo's with Hope. Wyatt jokes they are sisters then they are rivals then best friends. Wyatt jokes and puts himself in the pictures. Oliver thinks he works with the photos. Hope asks Aly to find something for Wyatt to wear.

Brooke believes that Forrester is doing just fine so Bill can leave. Brooke is not going to push the buyers in a different direction right now. Brooke is not going to worry about Hope for the Future going anywhere any time soon. Aly comes in and explains she did not mean to interrupt. Aly runs away. Brooke is mad that everyone is going to think that they are together again now. Brooke is sick of this.

Hope and Wyatt take pictures together and Aly watches. Hope and Wyatt get close.

Bill believes Brooke enjoyed the idea of the relaunch before. Brooke reminds Bill that she could not be the model of the line before. Bill reminds her that it was there baby. Brooke does not have the time for him. Bill believes there has to be away for them to be in the same room. Brooke does not think there is.

Oliver congratulates the three. Hope wonders what Aly thought about the photo shoot. She enjoyed it but wonders what she is going to do with the photo's of her and Wyatt kissing. Hope explains she will not use those. Aly is shocked that Hope is even charmed by Wyatt kissing her. Hope wonders if Aly is worried about her. Aly is worried about her and Liam. She noticed on Thanksgiving that Wyatt liked to upset Liam. Hope knows this but she is just so over dealing with Liam and Steffy drama that she now is taking time to be herself and enjoy her life. She wonders what Aly thinks of this. Aly wonders if Hope plans to be with Liam. Hope just says that Liam does not know the cheerleader she has in Aly.

Katie explains that it is time for an evaluation from Liam. Katie explains that she is not talking about him but her. Liam explains that Thanksgiving was not terrible.

Bill knows he screwed up. He is not going to change. Brooke is sick of him making him a part of her. Bill believes that he is no more despised than when he first walked in here. Brooke does not like the feeling of being pushed away. Bill tells Brooke to be herself. Brooke will not be the person that cannot trust anymore.

Liam explains that Bill did not even bring up Katie. Katie cannot believe that no one is talking about her. Katie asks if Brooke is around him. Liam explains no but Bill is in love with Brooke still. He needs something to focus on and it is currently Brooke. Katie thinks that Brooke better watch out.

Oliver explains that Hope has photos waiting for her and so does everyone else. Hope and Maya like what they see. Wyatt thinks the world likes the pictures of Wyatt and Hope would make a good image. Hope deletes it and jokes around.

Bill thinks they need to figure this out. Brooke believes they already have. Brooke tells Bill to travel or jump out of an airplane just leave her alone. She will never be alone with him again. Bill is not going to accept that he is never going to touch her again. Brooke believes life is funny that way and life is short. Bill wonders how much time they have. Brooke did not count the weeks they had together. Bill refuses to accept that his life with Brooke is over. Brooke cannot help Bill with the story that he is telling himself. Bill asks what Brooke tells him. Brooke is done. Brooke cries when Bill leaves the room.

Aly puts her laptop away and takes out her phone of the picture of Wyatt and Hope. Aly sends the picture to Liam. Liam gets the message and he has a look of disbelief and disgust.

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