B&B Tuesday Update 12/3/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/3/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Everyone puts things away and Hope explains to Eric that she had no idea that would happen with Rick and Caroline. Liam explains that something like that almost happened to them but it didn't end up taking. Donna reminds Eric when they got married in the room and Quinn gives a look. Quinn tells everyone they can go in the other room and she and Donna can finish up here. Donna is stunned and says ok though.

Rick and Caroline go into his house and Caroline is stunned by all the candles. She wants to know where they came from. Caroline didn't even know that she would be married 24 hours ago but now she is. She had a wonderful wedding she asks Rick to promise to never stop surprising her. The two kiss passionately. Caroline cannot believe this is really happening. Rick makes a toast. Rick says to the start of their new life. Caroline says as his wife. Rick is never going to get tired of saying Caroline is his wife. Caroline is always going to be right by his side.

Caroline talks on the phone with her mothers and explains that she just had to say yes. Caroline tells Rick that they were sad they missed it but were thrilled for them. Caroline cannot believe that none of the stuff that she thought was important turned out to not be important.

Donna asks if Quinn was ever married. Quinn explains that she never had the time because of Wyatt. Donna thinks she did a good job with him and that Wyatt is a good person. Donna wonders if Quinn believes anything can happen. She wonders if Quinn likes Eric. Quinn does not confirm or deny. Donna explains Eric is the love of her life.

Hope cannot believe that she was beat to the altar. Liam believes this is not a strange thing. Wyatt believes when they get married, he and Hope will actually make it through the I do's.

Wyatt explains it was a great day. Liam sarcastically thinks he is leaving. Wyatt says he is not. Hope explains that Wyatt is family now. Wyatt thanks her again. He did not know how it felt to have his parents at the same table.

Eric asks where Quinn is. Donna explains she must have left without saying good bye. She loved being around every one today. Donna says she made Eric some tea. Donna puts some honey on Eric's finger and licks it off. Eric is not likely to ever forget Donna. Eric thanks Donna for his tea and Quinn watches and quickly disappears. Donna is a bit sad that Eric did not take her pass. Quinn walks around asking what Donna was doing sucking honey off of Eric's finger. She has to call a slut a slut.

Rick kisses Caroline as they walk over to the bed. The two continue to kiss. The two get on the bed and continue to kiss very passionately.

Donna explains that Quinn does not know her or anything about him. Quinn wonders how Donna spends her days. She is a secretary because Donna slept her way to the top. She has no respect for what Donna has done. Quinn does not want Donna to play with her. She is not going anywhere. Donna has been a Forrester for a long time and has seen a lot people go. Donna meant what she said earlier about raising Wyatt but she feels something is really off about her. She feels that Quinn is going to be nothing but trouble.

Hope starts to yawn. Wyatt believes they should get out of here. Liam does not want her to go with Wyatt. Hope explains she is going home alone. Wyatt takes off the diamond and Liam gets mad about that. Wyatt decides that he is going to leave as well now. Wyatt begs her not to go home with him. Hope promises that she is not.

Aly believes that Hope should not be treating Liam like this. Aly wonders what she is waiting for with Liam. Liam smiles.

Caroline and Rick lay in bed under a sheet. Caroline believes that was the best day of her life. Rick does not think this will be the last good day. Rick loves her smile. He loves her a lot. The two kiss passionately.

Donna explains to Eric that she waited for him. She hopes that one day they can be back together. She had memories of them tonight. Their life together was a very happy time. She was very worried that Eric would be alone but now she is not. She knows that Eric will not rush into anything. Donna tells Eric that Quinn called her a slut and she thinks that Quinn is dark and dangerous. She tells Eric to keep his eyes open because he does not want anything to happen to him. The two kiss. Quinn watches in disgust. Donna explains she is going to turn off the lights and he should go to bed. The two say good night to each other. Donna looks a picture of the two of them as she turns off all the lights. She hears a glass break as she turns off the last lamp and the picture of her and Eric is broken on the ground. Quinn is outside looking angry.

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