B&B Monday Update 12/2/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/2/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick walks over to Caroline and Hope gets everyone's attention. She explains it has been a great day. Wyatt believes they should be celebrating Hope today. Liam tries to chime in but does not do it very well. Rick tells everyone that he does not want to wait any longer to get married. Caroline says they are getting married. Rick says they want to do it right now. Rick does not want to spend another moment without Caroline as his wife. Eric screams to everyone that they are going to have a wedding. The two hug and everyone claps.

Pam and Charlie rush to get a cake ready, but they accidently break the eggs.

Rick did not want a lot of fuss. Caroline wanted a huge fuss though. Eric says he can play the piano for them. Caroline would love them. Dayzee asks about Caroline's dress. Rick asks Maya and Dayzee to go help Caroline in his room.

Caroline and Maya talk and then Hope comes in and Hope is very happy that they are doing this today. Caroline goes into the other room and sees her wedding gown. Caroline looks at it and is very happy.

Brooke is looking outside. Bill comes over and explains that he is going to get her back. Brooke tells him that it is over. Bill knows that she still loves him. Bill believes that the two will get there eventually.

Pam and Charlie put the cakes in the oven. Pam gives Charlie some of the frosting and Charlie says it is great. Charlie feeds some to Pam and the two giggle. Charlie kisses Pam. Pam is stunned and smiles.

Bill comes to see Caroline and says he will walk her down the aisle. Hope and Dayzee go back to the house and Maya congratulates her. Bill tells Maya that Rick is lucky to be marrying a Spencer. Bill says if he had a daughter and he kind of feels like he does, he would want her just like her.

Quinn talks to the Stephanie photo and tells her that she does not think they would have liked each other and knows she would have been a royal pain. Eric walks behind her and says it is a lovely picture. Quinn quickly agrees.

Maya congratulates Rick and jokingly also congratulates "Cassandra" meaning Caroline. Brooke and Eric comes over to Rick telling him he looks handsome. They tell him that they love him.

The wedding starts. Caroline enters wearing her wedding gown. Every one smiles. Rick and Caroline look at each other. Brooke gives Caroline flowers from her Aunt Caroline's rose garden. Caroline walks down the aisle with Bill. Bill gives Caroline a kiss and everyone sits down. Rick tells her that she looks beautiful.

Carter tells everyone they should all know that this is the start of something and they are doing this in front of everyone. Rick says "I, Rick, take you, Caroline, to be my lawfully wedded wife for better or worst in sickness and in health until death do us part. Caroline then says the same but to Rick. She gets emotional while saying it. Carter says that they technically don't have vows. Rick stops him and explains that his vow is coming from the heart.

Rick explains the day she first arrived he never saw a more exquisite woman. He believes she is a vision of beauty who can be a handful but always classy and she is his Caroline. He almost gave up on them, but she never did because they were meant to be together. Rick will protect and cherish her for the rest of her days. Rick loves her for now and forever. Caroline jokes that she didn't blog her way down the aisle. Caroline thanks him and everyone there. She is happy that the Forresters and Logans will be her family. She will always be a Spencer though. She tells Brooke and Eric that they always have been welcoming. Hope is like the sister she has never had. She adores Rick. She believes that Rick centers her and shows her what is important. She will make this an exciting and unpredictable marriage. She knows that when they look back they would not have done it any other way. She explains that he is her best friend and will love him always and forever. Carter has Rick put the rings on. Rick gives Caroline the ring as a symbol of their vows with all and everything he gives it to her. Caroline gives him the ring as a symbol of their vows. Carter pronounces them husband and wife. The two kiss. Every one claps. The two smile. Rick and Caroline are married.

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