B&B Wednesday Update 11/27/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/27/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill asks what Quinn is doing here. Hope explains that she was not going to just invite Wyatt. Bill cannot believe that all his exes are going to be here.

Dayzee comes in and says happy Thanksgiving to Eric. Hope gives everyone name cards and explains to Aly that she wants to play a game later on.

Charlie tells Pam he knows she is nervous but that she has to be brave. Pam is afraid though to change raisins to cranberries. Pam does it though.

Brooke, Donna, and Katie show up in the kitchen to help, however Pam explains to them that she is good. Charlie, however, tells Pam that they need all the help they can get. Hope wants to help as well and explains that it is fun. Pam gives the three sisters stuff to do. Pam gives Hope some things to pass out in the living room.

Everyone has arrived. Wyatt asks Hope to turn around and he puts the Hope diamond on her. He explains that Eric knows and Charlie is here as well.

Rick hugs Caroline and asks her to marry him. He wants to do it right now. Caroline says lets do it. Rick tells her to keep it a surprise and the two hug.

Everyone gathers around the table. Bill tries to change the name tags but Hope catches him before he can. Brooke puts down some food and Bill gives her a look that she does not like. Eric makes a speech explaining that Hope is going to be talking today. Hope is very happy and hopes this is going to be a dress rehearsal for the real wedding. Hope explains that she would like to play a little game. She has everyone look to their right and say something sweet. Liam goes first and tells Aly that he is impressed for working at Forrester and she is charming and stylish and romantic at heart. Aly tells Thorne that he is important to her and he has taken on more than any parent ever should.

Thorne tells Maya that he is very happy to have her back at Forrester. Maya tells Carter that his determination to have her until he had her is what she is thankful for. Carter tells Charlie that he is thankful for him saving the diamond. Charlie is thankful for Pam's lemon bars and the first time he looked into her face he knew she was something special. He would like to go on baking with her for a long time.

Pam tells Donna that she is the most annoying person she has ever met but she is her best friend. The two hug. Donna tells Eric that he is the man she has loved more than anyone in her life. She thanks him for everything. Eric has everyone join hands. He explains to Dayzee that she was a great blessing to Stephanie especially in the end. He tells Stephanie that her spirit is alive and well today. Dayzee tells Rick that she is impressed for all he has done for the company. Rick says he is thankful for Caroline and all she has done. Caroline tells Brooke she is thankful for bringing Caroline to the company. Caroline has always thought of her as her mother. Brooke asks Katie if she remembers when they used to have Thanksgiving dinner and Katie would tell them she was thankful for Katie and she is their for her when she is ready. Katie does not want to tell Bill anything but she tells him he is the father of his child and she thanks him for that. Katie tells him they had a lot of good years together.

Bill now has to say something to Quinn and decides to say something to both her and Katie. He tells Katie that she is smart and strong and is the idea mother. She has made him a better man and he will always be grateful for that. He then looks at Quinn. He respects her for raising Wyatt on his own. He knows he would not have been the best father back then. He hopes today shows he is a better father. Quinn tells Wyatt that last year they had dinner alone but now they have a much larger family.

Wyatt tells Hope that she would not be where he is today if it had not been for her. Thanks to Hope his mother company now has the exposure it deserves. He believes she affects people and compassion. Hope explains she wanted to play the game because she knew Liam would be to her right. She explains to Liam that he is amazing. She says he is a good person and that is why everyone loves him. Hope tells every one happy Thanksgiving. They all clap when Pam and Charlie bring out the turkey.

Liam tells Hope he never got to say anything about her. He tells her that no one else could have pulled that off. Thanks to her she was able to make people understand they are a family. He wants her to know that they love her. Liam says Happy Thanksgiving Hope Logan.

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