B&B Tuesday Update 11/26/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/26/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope gets thing ready. Eric looks at the Stephanie photo and Thorne and him admire it. Caroline and Rick show up ready to help but Hope will not let them. Rick insists though. Caroline thanks Hope for doing this and for inviting Bill.

Brooke gets a text from Bill saying he wants to see her. She says no but Bill shows up anyway. Brooke does not look happy.

Dayzee shows up and explains that she wants to help out here. Everyone explains that they will definitely be there for Dayzee tomorrow at the kitchen. Dayzee asks if Caroline's moms will be coming but Caroline explains no but Bill will be.

Bill wants to apologize and believes he is owed it. Bill wanted it all for both of them. Brooke gives him a strange look.

Quinn asks if Wyatt got the email. Wyatt explains yes and it is great that they got invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

Pam comes in explaining that she has been cooking up a storm with Charlie. She explains that Charlie cooks very well. Rick notices that the two have become very friendly. Pam tells them they have work together. Ally thinks things will be very good for Hope tomorrow. Hope explains that having Liam and Wyatt their is going to be enjoyable.

Quinn wonders where they were last year on Thanksgiving. Quinn remembers that they had take out. Quinn thinks it was lovely they were invited. Wyatt mentions that his parents are going to be there. He jokes about this but then remembers that he gets to spend time with Hope. Quinn thinks Bill is an idiot for saying anything after what he did to Brooke and Katie.

Brooke does not care what happened she is not going to do this. Bill understands that Brooke loves her sister. Bill wants his life back. Brooke tells Bill to stop. Bill asks if Brooke is going to Eric's for Thanksgiving. Brooke says yes. Bill is going to and believes they just need to pick up and move on. Bill thinks he needs Brooke. Bill was wrong in so many ways. He did some bad things but he was following a vision. Brooke knows that they never should have been taken but he cannot go around hurting people. Bill believes that a man always justifies his needs. Bill believes that they were meant to be together. Brooke thinks that this is all something he should be saying to Katie. Bill believes that his time with Katie is over. He loves Katie but he is over her. He wants Brooke. Bill is not asking her to give up her sister but he will return one day.

Dayzee and Eric look at the Stephanie photo again and cannot believe she is gone. Charlie asks if Eric has good security here and explains that he would always be their for him. Hope told Caroline and Rick that they were not expected to help. Caroline thinks it was to nice for him not too. Quinn and Wyatt show up and Eric kisses Quinn. Rick and Thorne look at each other when this happens. Eric believes that tomorrow's holiday will be one they never forget. Eric looks at the Stephanie photo and smiles. Quinn notices that things are interesting here tonight. Quinn is thankful to be welcomed here. Eric tells her she must consider herself a part of the family.

Rick asks Caroline if this is how things happen in New York. Caroline explains no but it is how it is done here. Caroline wonders how they will seat everyone. Rick wonders who Hope will be sitting next to.

Wyatt asks if this is Hope's first time hosting. Hope says not on Thanksgiving. Wyatt thanks her for inviting him and hopes they get to do this again.

Brooke tells him to leave. Bill knew she was alone tonight. Brooke tells Bill he is not going to hurt Katie. Bill claims he will be a better man for Brooke. The passion they share is not over. Bill knows it will not happen today but he will hold her again. He does not want to live without her. He says something in French and leaves.

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