B&B Monday Update 11/25/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/25/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric believes that he has a great team of people working for him. Pam agrees that they are unstoppable. Hope believes that Pam is important to the team as well. Rick agrees. Pam mentions that Donna should have some credit in that as well. Not as much as her though. Hope explains that Donna is with Brooke at Katie's.

Katie explains to her secretary that Alison is banned from the building. Brooke and Donna come in and want to have a day with her. Brooke does not want Bill to come between them anymore.

Wyatt asks what is wrong with Bill. Bill asks if Quinn is normal. Wyatt asks why. Bill says she cut him. Wyatt wonders what it would be like if his parents were together. Bill tells him not to romanticize him with his mother and to stop thinking about Hope because she is Liam's.

Rick asks for time alone with Caroline and they leave. Hope tells everyone else that they should throw a thanksgiving engagement party. Pam mentions Bill would be there.

Wyatt asks about how he fell in love with Brooke. He wonders if Bill backed off then or now. Bill says no.

Brooke does not want to blow anything by pushing to hard. Katie walks across the room. Brooke knows that the hate Katie has is her fault. She knows it hurt Katie terribly and Donna was hurt because of it as well. Brooke is sorry. Katie knows she is. Katie will take her responsibility for what she did as well. However she is mad at what Brooke did still. Brooke just wants a chance to win her back. Katie walks back to her desk.

Hope did not think about Bill. She mentions that if Caroline is marrying Rick they have to allow Bill. Hope asks Pam to send out a blast email. Hope decides to go and see Brooke and Katie and come even if Bill will be there. Hope thanks Eric.

Bill will not support Wyatt and his love for Hope. Bill understands what Wyatt is saying. He just will not do it. Bill never wanted to hurt Katie and admits she helped him grow as a person. Bill will always care and love for Katie but it will not change the way he feels about Brooke.

Donna believes that working things out will help them. Donna believes that Brooke is trying to fix things. Katie understands this. Donna should have warned Brooke and maybe if she did the distance wouldn't be there. Katie explains that is not her fault at all. Katie is sorry to say that. Brooke believes that Katie is the injured party. Brooke is sorry. Katie understands that but she just cannot easily forgive Brooke. She can no longer trust people like she used to. She wonders who she is left with. She loves Brooke. Brooke cries. Katie needs time though. Katie needs to be able to learn how to give Brooke trust. Brooke can wait as much time as she needs. Katie starts to cry. Katie is happy that Brooke tried to do something today but not today. Brooke understands. Hope walks in and is happy that they are all in the same room. Hope explains that they are having thanksgiving at Eric's again but that this year will be Rick and Caroline's engagement party. Brooke asks if Bill will be there. Brooke cannot believe this.

Wyatt asks if Bill can fix things. Bill needs to fix things because he cannot be without her. He needs to have Brooke and will do anything he has to.

Thorne is very happy that Ally is around again. Ally loves being around everyone. She hopes that Caroline and Rick will be happy.

Caroline gets a text from Hope saying that thanksgiving will be a party for the engagement. Caroline is so shocked and happy. Rick thinks that it is a good idea. Rick wants to celebrate Caroline as a person.

Hope knows that it was not a good idea to invite Bill but it is not about just the Forrester's. She has to invite him for Caroline. Brooke does not want to be there. Hope explains that she cannot miss her sons engagement. Katie needs to talk to Brooke alone. Hope and Donna leave. Katie asks if Brooke was true to what she said. Katie is grateful for what Brooke did. She asks Brooke not to allow him back into her life after what he did. Brooke promises her. Katie says she has to leave. Katie will think about Thanksgiving. Brooke thinks about Bill.

Wyatt asks if Bill is ok. Bill claims to have had a vision of running his company with Brooke and Bill and he will make it happen. He does not know how but Brooke will come back to him. She will be his.

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