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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/22/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tells Wyatt he can talk to him about his feelings. Wyatt says but the only woman he's interested in Bill would rather see with Liam. Bill says what he wants to see is his sons getting along and that is not going to happen until he agrees to leave Hope alone.

Liam tells Hope he understands that she doesn't trust his dad after all what he did to her aunt and mother was. Hope says slimy and Liam agrees with that. Liam and Hope continue talking while Quinn begins to eavesdrop on their conversation. She hears Liam says that Bill will make Wyatt back off for them and isn't pleased.

Aly meets her dad at Eric's place and he says he has something he wants to say to her away from the office. Aly worries if she's done something wrong on her first day on the job.

Thorne and Eric tell Aly that she did very well at work but that is not what this is about. Thorne says he wants to talk about them, their family. He says it's time for a change confusing Aly as to what her dad means by that.

Quinn continues listening in on Liam and Hope's conversation. She hears Liam says that it's going to be really nice to not have to defend his relationship with her to Wyatt anymore and gets angry and leaves. Hope doesn't say anything in response to Liam saying that they will be planning their wedding soon again and just gives him a tight smile.

Wyatt asks Bill if he didn't hear what he said but Bill says he heard every word.  When Bill tells Wyatt that you should stand by your family above everything else, Wyatt tells him that's ironic coming from him with what he did to Katie. Bill warns Wyatt that if he pursues this he will lose his relationship with his brother and his friendship with Hope. Wyatt asks if he'll lose his relationship with him too and asks if he's giving him an ultimatum here.

Aly tells her dad that's he looks so serious that it's making her nervous. Thorne tells Aly that he's been getting calls from real estates agents and an offer has been made on the house. Aly says it's not on the market but Thorne tells her he had to sell the house and they have to move out very quickly. Aly is shocked and Thorne says he knows this is not how they do things, they always discuss them first but the offer on the house was so high he had to take it. Aly asks if their memories are worth anything and Thorne tries to console her by saying they will always have those memories but the house is not theirs. Aly looks teary.

Liam and Hope share a light-hearted moment together while Bill continues to talk to Wyatt. Bill tells him this isn't about them; they are fine. Wyatt says but he's taking Liam's side in this. Bill says he doesn't want them fighting over Hope. Wyatt says he wants him to back off though even though Hope never asked him to do that and it's just Liam who wants that. Quinn enters and asks Bill why Liam's happiness is more important than Wyatt's. Wyatt gets a call for a shipment and leaves. When he leaves Quinn says how dare Bill interfere with her son. Bill looks annoyed yet amused with Quinn trying to lecture him.

Aly is upset about having to leave her home, she says that all her memories of her mother are in that house. She says to her dad that he has memories of her mother everywhere; at home, at her grandfather's home and in the office. Thorne says he does and thinks of some of his memories of Darla. Thorne tells Aly that he still loves her mother very much and cherishes every connection he has left with her but most of all her. Aly smiles and Thorne admits it was very hard on him to sell the house where they lived together but he had to. He says Darla would have kicked him if he had passed up that kind of offer making Aly giggle. Thorne tells Aly that Darla didn't have a place to call home when she was growing up; Sally was her home and their family was her home. Eric tells her, her parents were married in this house. Thorne says Darla loved Eric's home and Aly says so does she, it's the only other place she feels really connected to her mother in. Eric says then he thinks this is where she should live stunning Aly.

Hope and Liam are kissing each other bye for now when Wyatt comes and starts insulting Liam about how he went to Bill. He says he went running to daddy on him and tells Hope he just made Bill interfere in their lives again to which Hope doesn't protest to. Hope finally leaves and Wyatt continues taunting Liam about how he isn't about to back off and there isn't anything Bill can do to stop him. Liam says he thinks then he will deal with this issue on his on. Wyatt just smiles in a condescending way not seeing Liam as any kind of threat to him and Hope being together.

Bill doesn't want to talk to Quinn but she refuses to back down. When Bill says Wyatt will listen to him Quinn laughs by saying why would he do that, because he's Wyatt's father? Bill says no it's because he knows how this situation is going to end. He says Hope and Liam have endured too much but Quinn doesn't agree on them having been through too much together at all. She says all they have endured are some of his tricks and set-backs. She says Wyatt is so much more better suited for Hope than Liam and he needs to stay out of Wyatt's way where Hope is concerned. She says that Liam treats Hope the same way he treated her, like a plaything that he picked up and discarded whenever he wanted. She says Hope now has a choice, a better choice than she ever had and she will choose Wyatt if he leaves them alone. Bill just looks amused at her words.

Eric says he wants Thorne and her to live with him. Aly says but if the offer he got was so great, they could get their own place. Thorne says yes but it would not be filled with memories like the Forrester mansion is. Eric takes Aly for a walk down memory lane around her mother and after it Aly decides to agree. Thorne is happy as Aly hugs him and Eric too is smiling at her decision to move in with him.

Liam says he's getting sick of Wyatt's interference. He says this may be fun for him but this is his life. Wyatt says and he can live it any way he wants just know he may not be with Hope. Liam tells Wyatt that there is something very wrong about him and his mother with the shady way they do things. He tells him to enjoy what he has with Hope right now but it won't last. Wyatt just laughs in Liam's face not taking him seriously at all but Liam just gives him a warning look before leaving.

Quinn tells Bill that she won't let him interfere in Wyatt's life. She mocks him for no longer being so powerful as he once was since he's no longer king of the media world and Brooke and Katie have left him too. She stabs him with his sword necklace and licks the blood saying revenge tastes so sweet. Bill looks furious with Quinn.

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