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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/21/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope starts to pull away from Wyatt in the steam room but he reminds her that they are free to do this because she has no ring on her finger and no one is watching them.

Bill tells Liam that he told him he would support his relationship with Hope and he meant it. Liam smiles at that.

Aly comes to see her father and offers to help him with work saying give her five minutes and she can learn anything. Thorne says he would not ever doubt that making her smile. Thorne talks to Aly about her wanting to go to law school before and Aly says she still might but fashion is in her blood. Thorne says yes and not just from his side; her mother would be proud of her interest in the family business. Aly agrees but adds she'd be ticked off to learn that Spectra wasn't around anymore. She says her mother would have wanted her to work with Sally and her to which Thorne jokingly says she wouldn't dare and they share a laugh and more memories about Aly's mother.

Bill tells Liam he understands his moving on with Hope because like Steffy was the right woman for him before, Katie was the right woman for him earlier too but not anymore. He says he can relate. Liam thanks him and says now if only Wyatt would leave Hope and him alone. Bill says he will talk to Wyatt. Liam is happy to hear Bill say that he's going to go talk to Wyatt right now, give him a nice father-son chat and he is sure that after that he will back off.

Hope and Wyatt continue making out in the steam room. Hope starts to pull away but Wyatt tells her that she's not engaged and she likes kissing him. Hope agrees but says if he thinks their first time making love if that happens ever, will be in a steam room in public then he doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does. Hope leaves the steam room and Wyatt looks frustrated at her leaving him like that.

Thorne expresses annoyance at having to answer to Rick all the time, calling him Mr. President. Aly asks him if it's weird for him having to work for Rick. Thorne says he doesn't think he works for Rick, he's just president. He says Rick may be president but he has been working at Forrester a lot longer than him and he doesn't need a title to justify his worth. Aly say she knows he wanted it and Thorne says yes, could he have run this company? He says yes and better than anyone else but he would have missed out on a lot. He says how many dads can say they went to all of their kid's soccer practices or volunteered in their classrooms on trips. He says he wouldn't trade that for anything. Aly says that is why unlike other kids her age who are hustling to get away from their parents she wants to work with her dad.

Thorne doesn't like the idea of Aly having to work down there in shipping with him and says the only reason she's here is to follow Hope. Aly says yes because Hope has the perfect dream life and two very hunky men running after her at the same time.

Liam comes to see Hope and realizes she was in the steam room because her hair is damp. Hope changes the subject and asks him what brought him by and why he's smiling so much. Liam tells her that Bill has decided to actively support their relationship and he's talking to Wyatt today to ask him to back off. Hope doesn't look happy at that news at all.

Wyatt asks Bill about his accident and is stunned to learn that Brooke tossed him out of her house. He asks him if he's with Katie then and Bill says no. He says he will be with Brooke eventually. Wyatt is confused about his father's life but tells him he's just glad he's okay. Bill says he may not be after he hears what he has to say to him.

Hope asks Liam what exactly Bill is going to say to Wyatt. Liam says just ask him to stop being such a jerk to him and back off a little bit. Hope says she doesn't think it's Bill's place to say that but Liam says Bill has done so much to keep them apart it's the least he could do for them now. Hope nods and smiles faintly.

Bill tells Wyatt that he supports him in almost anything he wants to do except for his desire to have Hope. Wyatt says that is not up for discussion but Bill tells him he's had his fun sparring with his brother but Hope is important to Liam and Liam was there first. He says so he's asking him to back off. Wyatt doesn't look pleased.

Thorne tells Aly he feels he's let her down by being stuck down in shipping while someone like Rick is president. Aly asks him if he seriously thinks she cares about him not being some bigwig at the company. She says no other child in her class had a dad as involved in them as he was. She says he was her mother and her father and she doesn't know what she would have done if he hadn't been available to her like he was. She says that is what is most important to her; not him being some big-shot. Thorne is touched by his daughter's words and thanks her. Father and daughter share a hug. Aly sees how Thorne is not just involved in her life but how much he cares about the other employees in shipping; how he remembers their birthdays and how he is on the company's softball team. She asks him why Rick isn't doing all those things and Thorne says he's a busy guy. Aly says yes of course, he's president. She says but Thorne is the core of the company; he makes it a family. Thorne smiles and hugs his daughter telling her he loves her. Aly says she loves him too. Thorne tells Aly that he doesn't care about being like Rick because Rick has titles but he has relationships; with his employees and with his daughter. Aly starts crying and tells her dad that she always looked up to him and it never mattered to her what his job was, she always knew that with him she was in good hands. Thorne says that goes both ways, there were days in his life when being her father was the only thing that got him through. Aly is touched and hugs her father again.

Hope tells Liam that she doesn't think Bill asking Liam to back off makes up for everything he's done. Liam says no but it's a start. Hope doesn't think Liam will be intimidated easily, but Liam says it's not about intimidation. He says Wyatt will listen to his dad and besides with his dad on their side their biggest obstacle is out of the way and  they are one step closer to being married. He says he won't have it any other way and kisses Hope softly.

Wyatt tells Bill he's not backing off despite Bill's request. Bill doesn't look angry with him but he knows Liam will not be happy to hear Wyatt backing down his request.

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