B&B Wednesday Update 11/20/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/20/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke sits at a table and Bill sends her a text saying that he has to talk to her. Katie shows up and is happy that she decided to come. Brooke promises to make it up to her. Katie asks if Brooke knows where Bill is staying now.

Bill tells Liam that he is moving in.

Hope asks what she should use for a dress. Aly believes that this works better for the dress. Hope agrees. Aly explains if she gets in the way to tell her. Hope says that will not happen. Wyatt walks in and wonders what is going on. Aly decides to go get some coffee. Wyatt wonders about Aly. Hope tells him that she is Thorne's only daughter. Wyatt is sort of jealous that she is getting all her attention. Hope asks if he would like to shadow her as well.

Bill believes he will be long gone by the time Hope comes back. Bill believed they had some good times the last time they stayed together. Bill explains he will be back to Brooke soon. Liam asks who is going after. Brooke or Katie.

Brooke explains that it is over between Brooke and Bill. Katie tells Brooke that she did play a part in all this and is sorry. Katie asks how Brooke is doing. Brooke says she is angry at herself a lot. Katie knows the feeling. Brooke encouraged Bill to go back to Katie and actually felt good.

Liam thinks it must have been interesting to find leaves instead of documents. Bill says it was. All his efforts down the drain. Liam thinks it was manipulation. He asks if Bill still really wants to be with Brooke after. Bill says he loves them both.

Brooke does not want Bill back. Katie does not need to hear that. She knows otherwise. Brooke can't love a man after what he did to her. Brooke thinks the two should go out more often. She wants Katie to be able to forgive her. Katie wishes she could just blame Brooke but she cannot.

Wyatt thinks that it is fair that Liam and him should have equal time with Hope. Hope says that Liam should get a say in this. Wyatt wants to be able to kiss her as much as Liam. Wyatt also mentions that he has not done things with Hope that Liam has done. Hope cannot do that with either of them until she knows. Wyatt asks her to tell him when then. The two kiss again. Hope says the kiss was pushing it a little. Wyatt asks Hope to give him a chance. Quinn walks in and Hope leaves. Quinn thinks that Wyatt is getting a lot of work done in here. Wyatt thinks that's funny. Quinn does not need to ask what Wyatt is doing. Wyatt says that Hope is something. Quinn wonders if she should help in any way. Wyatt does not want any more help after the Steffy video. Aly walks in and says sorry for busting in. Wyatt introduces Quinn to Aly. Wyatt explains that Hope had to leave. Aly says that Hope is in the steam room.

Hope sits down in the steam room.

Liam asks how long Bill plans to live here. Bill does not know what difference it makes because Hope is not coming back any time soon. Liam loves Hope and wants his support, otherwise he cannot live here.

Katie does not think this was a great idea. Brooke believes it was because they are sisters and have children. Maybe that is all they have left but she is sorry. She believes she has something she can bring to her life like when they were younger. Brooke believes she can be there for her again. She puts her arm on Katie's. She asks to be back into Katie's life.

Bill cannot believe Liam is giving him rules in his own house. Liam decides he will move out then. Bill explains that his feelings for Hope have changed. Bill has not interfered in a long time. Liam believes that Bill takes pleasure in Wyatt fighting for Hope. Liam thinks that he is owed for fixing all of Katie's messes at work. Liam tells him to support him or to go. Bill agrees. He knows he deserves his support. He will give it to him all of it. Liam hugs Bill.

Hope lies down in the steam room and Wyatt walks in. Hope says that someone is in here. Wyatt knows. He starts to kiss Hope all over. Hope says someone might walk in. Wyatt is not going to let that happen. He explains there is no ring on her finger. They are two adults who are in love. They start kissing each other. Wyatt explains that he loves her.

Brooke is shocked and happy to see Aly. Aly explains that she is shadowing Hope. Brooke thinks that is wonderful. Aly agrees. Aly has to go meet Thorne. Brooke gets a call from Bill. Bill tells Brooke not to talk but just to listen. Bill says he is sorry and he was wrong. He says he loves her and will win her back. Bill cannot live any other way. Bill understands. Brooke hangs up the phone and sits down. She take a deep breath.

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