B&B Tuesday Update 11/19/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/19/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke cannot believe that Bill wants her forgiveness. She usually is able to forgive someone. She has to wonder if Bill wants the documents back. Bill asks if she still has them.

Hope asks what is wrong. Wyatt will leave if Hope wants him to leave. Liam believes she does. Wyatt is not leaving.

Aly (who has been SORASed) walks into Eric's office and Thorne asks how the interview went. Aly explains it did not go that well. Eric asks if she told them who she was. Aly said she wanted to do something different. Eric says that she might not be a lawyer if that is the case. Aly believes she has a different idea for a career path that she would like to run by.

Hope says that she will talk to Wyatt later. Hope notices a text from Eric and has to go with Wyatt.

Bill cannot believe that Brooke did not destroy the papers. Bill believes that having his life destroyed is not fair. Brooke believes he lost everything because of her. Bill believes it was because of Katie. He believes the two of them can be happy again.

Thorne believes that Aly has a lot of talents. Aly wonders if she has any fashion talent for shoes. She loved Sally Spectra's shoes. She gets them from Sally every year on her birthday. Thorne remembers when Aly was born. Aly laughs about the story. Aly explains that Sally thinks that she could follow in her or Thorne's footsteps.

Wyatt leaves and Hope tells Liam that this was fun. Liam believes that he could have won if Wyatt did not cheat. Hope understands. Wyatt looks at them kiss.

Brooke tells Bill she packed his things. Bill is sorry that that he hurt her. Brooke believes him if it matters. Brooke believes they never should have happened. She was not strong enough though until Bill broke her heart.

Aly explains that Sally told her that she never knew anything about fashion but she owes it to Queenie to try to produce a decent line of shoes for Forrester. Aly believes she could do a thing in fashion. Hope walks in and is happy to see Aly. Eric explains that he wants Hope to let Aly follow her in fashion. Hope loves the idea. Thorne thanks Eric. Telling him not to put off the news any longer.

Brooke will not let this happen to her. She was hurt. Bill is sorry. Brooke does not want to be put through this. She does not want to talk about love. She cannot deal with this. Brooke believes that Bill is just trying to fight. Bill does not want to accept what Brooke is saying. Bill feels that this is the one thing that is worth the world. He cannot deal without having the thing. Bill needs it. Bill is sorry for what he did to Katie. Bill wonders if he should have lost what is important to him because of Katie. Brooke is crying.

Hope tells Aly that she has to look at lay outs with her. Liam explains that he has to leave though. Liam says he wants a rain check on the beach. Hope says fine and Liam leaves. Wyatt goes to check on the warehouse. Wyatt kisses her. Hope wonders what Aly is thinking. Aly is excited to work with Hope.

Bill tries to remind Brooke of all the times they had together. When they were happy. Brooke remembers. Bill knows he cannot make everything better but they can still have each other. Bill asks her to say yes. Brooke walks out of his way and looks at his suit case. Bill tells her she will take them up stairs. Brooke tells him to take them and the ring and go. Bill believes that this sacrifice is for nothing. Brooke does not care. Bill believes that Katie will still judge her. Bill believes this is his last chance. Brooke will be able to look at herself in the mirror at least. Bill believes Brooke is better than this. Brooke says good bye and walks away. Bill looks at the diamond. He puts it in his pocket grabs his things and leaves. Brooke cries after he leaves.

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