B&B Monday Update 11/18/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/18/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke explains that Bill has hurt Katie enough already and she was not going to let him hurt her anymore. Katie explains she believed him. She could not believe that she would sign those papers. Brooke explains that it does not matter because Bill does not have the papers. Katie wishes she could see Bill's face.

Bill explains the papers are not there and it had to be Brooke who replaced them.

Donna explains to Wyatt that his fan page has a lot of likes. Wyatt knows but explains that Hope For the Future has even more. Donna wonders what is next for Wyatt. Wyatt does not know but knows that Winning feels pretty good.

Liam and Hope look on the beach. Hope wonders why Liam cannot accept that Wyatt is his brother. Liam does not know; he just does not want to talk about Wyatt.

Donna has new photos from Hope for the Future. Wyatt thinks that she looks incredible. Donna notices that he has a crush. Donna tells Wyatt that Liam took Hope to his house. Wyatt says it has been a while since he had been out there.

Hope and Liam go get close.

Bill cannot believe that Brooke changed the papers. Bill has to go see Brooke.

Brooke is sorry that she did all this in the first place. Katie was stupid to think she could ever trust him. Katie is happy that Bill has nothing. Brooke smiles at the thought.

Hope says that everything looks so good. Hope thanks him saying it looks nice. Wyatt shows up and Liam is annoyed. Liam tells him they are in the middle of something. Hope wants to see the photos. Hope cannot believe how amazing the pictures look.

Donna comes to see Katie and asks what happened. Katie explains they had a nice 24 hours but then Bill turned back into Bill. Katie tells Donna everything that happened. Donna cannot believe this. Katie tells her that she was suspicious but wanted to believe it was real. Katie tells Donna that he went back to Brooke.

Brooke looks at the leaves and thinks about what she told Katie. Bill walks into the house and says the leaves were a nice touch. Bill wants to know where the papers are. Brooke says he had to be stopped. Bill finally had his life back. Brooke says that he betrayed Katie. Brooke will not let him blame Katie. Bill does not believe that Katie liked the job in the first place. Bill knows that Katie wanted to hurt him. Bill is sorry that he lied to Brooke but he needed things to work. Brooke will not forgive him. She packed his things up and no longer wants him in this house.

Wyatt asks what they are having for lunch. He notices that everything is gluten free. Hope tells him that everything tastes great but not to eat the peppers. Wyatt takes off his pants and is wearing beach shorts under. Liam is angry.

Donna cannot believe Bill would do that. She knows that Katie must feel betrayed. Donna wonders if Justin knew about this. Katie explains he was all into it. Katie is not sure about Brooke still but is happy she helped her. Donna thinks that Brooke is back.

Brooke will not let Bill justify himself. Bill tells Brooke that Katie played him. Brooke will not listen to this. Bill explains he did everything for them. He needed his son and company and he needed her. That is all he wanted. Bill explains they had it. He wants to know how she could have taken it away.

Hope asks what it will take for the two of them to get along. Wyatt tells Liam he will need to man up. Liam says he can. The two play racket ball. The both start eating the peppers. Eating them until they are sick. Liam caves in first. Wyatt never actually ate the peppers. Wyatt puts marker on Liam's binoculars. Wyatt and Liam play tennis and Wyatt has a ball machine throw stuff at Liam. Hope asks if he is ok. He asks if every thing has to be a competition. Liam tells him to leave. Wyatt asks if Hope wants him to leave.

Donna is happy that Katie is still CEO and has full custody of Will. Katie believe that things will change though. Katie is not going to predict though.

Brooke believes Bill has problems and issues. Bill knows this and is a driven person. Brooke believes he went way too far this time. She asks if Bill ever thought about other people. Bill only thought about himself. Brooke wonders if he thought she would be upset. Bill explains he had lost his better judgment. He is sorry. Brooke does not care. It has gone too far this time more than usual. Brooke knows he has done things before. She tells Bill to stop otherwise he will be alone. Bill says he screwed up and what he did was wrong. Bill asks her to forgive him.

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