B&B Friday Update 11/15/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/15/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke asks Bill how he could do this to her sister to which Bill ignorantly says isn't the real question how Katie could do what she did to him. He says she took his son and his company, so he decided to get even by hurting her in the worst way possible. Brooke tells Bill that she really thought she knew him but now she's not so sure. Bill looks upset, and Katie continues glaring at him for how he played her.

Hope accuses Liam of being jealous of Wyatt being hailed as a hero for thwarting the jewel theft but Liam tells her if he has her then he has nothing to be jealous of about Wyatt. Liam kisses Hope and Hope stares back at him. Hope asks him if he really has her and Liam says well between Wyatt and him he's clearly the front runner. Hope says well he's not lacking for confidence but then again so is Wyatt. She says they are more alike then he thinks and Liam sighs not looking convinced of that at all.

Brooke tells Bill that what he did was wrong and heartless but Bill says he doesn't see it that way. Katie says of course he doesn't, the ends always justify the means for him as always. Brooke says this was not some business deal, he hurt people he was supposed to care about. Bill justifies himself again by saying Katie took everything from him and he was just taking it back. Brooke is not happy and tells him that she can't believe he expected her to stand up for him when he hurt her baby sister. She says now she's really beginning to see how Katie felt these last months thanks to him. Bill mocks Katie's misery at his hands by calling her a martyr and Katie finally loses it. She says wow mockingly and Bill says what is done is done, and they have to move forward. Brooke tells him there is no moving forward, their future died the moment he walked into Katie's home and lied to her and lied to her as well.

Liam takes Hope's cell and tells her where they are going distractions aren't permitted. Hope says oh he's taking her somewhere then and Liam says a private lunch that he has arranged just for the two of them. Hope says that sounds really nice, but she's busy. Liam tells Pam to redirect all her messages to voice mail and tell Rick if it's urgent. Hope is impressed and says she likes a man who can take control. Liam quips that there is more than one bad boy around here and takes Hope by the hand leading her out.

Alison and Justin gloat about Bill's return and tell Katie's assistant to pack her bags because Bill is back as CEO of the company.

Bill tells Katie he is sorry but Katie tells him to just stop it. She tells him to stop acting like this is hurting him as much as it is hurting her because that is one lie that she will never believe again. Katie asks him if he rehearsed it, everything that he said to her last night; about wanting her back and raising their son together. She asks if he practiced it over and over so he could sound really sincere and she would sign those papers. She bitterly says good job, well done and tells him he gave the performance of his lifetime and she's sure he's really proud of himself. Katie asks him if he thinks his son will be proud when he finds out what he's done, what kind of man he is. Bill remains silent and Brooke says he better go. Bill picks up the envelope with the papers for the company and moves to go but not before telling Brooke he is not giving up on her and they will get past this. Brooke firmly says no they won't because nobody treats her and her sister that way. When Bill leaves, Brooke lets out a sigh of relief as Katie watches her silently.

Liam shows Hope his home and Hope notices a lot of changes. She asks him why he's made all these changes, and Liam says it's because of her and his looking forward to spending a life with her when they are married. He says it's going to happen and Hope smiles but looks somewhat unsure.

Bill returns to the office and gloats with Alison and Justin about his return and mock Katie. Justin says he's prepared a press conference for his return. Bill is happy and tells them to break out the scotch. Alison gets them all drinks, and Bill toasts to his triumphant return as the CEO of Spencer and having equal custody of his son. He says it wasn't easy, but it was well worth it.

Katie says she feels like such a fool but Brooke says she was just wanting to have her family back, she wasn't in the wrong. Sighing, Brooke says she keeps thinking about Storm and her second chance and how it wasn't supposed to be like this with her divorced and a single mother. Brooke says she feels so responsible. Katie says will it looks like the both of them are the ones paying the price because Bill got everything he wanted. Brooke smirks and says or so he thinks. She says Bill isn't getting anything leaving Katie curious at what her sister means.

Liam says that Hope must miss him on some level. Hope says she sees him almost every day but Liam says they are not living together anymore, not sharing a home before he says he's not pressuring her or anything, he is happy to give her the time she needs to make up her mind. He says he's sure she's also enjoying the attention she's getting from Wyatt and him and he doesn't blame her after how he was with Steffy. Hope says but and Liam admits that it's getting kind of old and he's starting to feel like he's being punished and it makes him wonder how much longer. He says okay he's said all he has to and Hope says she has something to say too. Liam asks her what and she tells him she loves him. Liam and Hope share a passionate kiss.

Katie asks Brooke what she means by that, because she signed the papers. Brooke says it doesn't matter, confusing Katie further. Bill continues gloating about how great he is and how he wasn't going to let his company and his boy be held hostage by Katie. Justin asks about Brooke and Bill is confident that in time she will come around and then he will have it all, his company, his son and the woman he loves. Bill hands Justin the papers and says he wants these papers executed right away, but when the envelope is opened, there is nothing but dried leaves in it. Bill is frustrated and slams his hand on his desk out of rage.

Brooke lets Katie know that while she and Bill and were arguing, she switched the papers with the leaves she brought back from Aspen. Katie says she did that for her and Brooke says yes. Brooke says she caused her a lot of pain but nothing is ever going to be put ahead of Katie by her ever again. Katie looks stunned and extremely touched.

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