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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/14/13


Written By Rachna
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Justin rearranges Bill's office to look like his again and Katie and him talk about how Bill is back in charge like before. Katie says she enjoyed being CEO yes, but nothing compares to having her family back.

Brooke is outraged at Bill for lying to Katie to get his company and shared custody of Will.

Hope and Caroline talk to each other about how close they have become. Caroline tells Hope she feels so fortunate knowing she is about to become her sister-in-law.

Liam overhears something about Wyatt's fake diamond heist and he comes into his office saying he has to talk to him. Liam meets the owner of the diamond; Ricardo and they talk about the "diamond heist" that Wyatt supposedly thwarted.

Caroline and Hope continue talking about how happy Caroline is and how successful the Hope For the Future line is becoming after their re-modeling efforts. Hope comments on how useful Wyatt's diamond idea has been for their success and Caroline says yes they do have only Wyatt to thank for that. Liam and Wyatt argue over Hope for a little bit before talking about how Bill is going back to Katie after his accident. Both brothers agree that they both would be devastated if they lost their father.

Katie wonders where Bill is and asks Justin if he knows because she had thought Bill would be eager to reclaim his empire after she gave it back. Justin tells her he's probably seeing the employees and making some face time. Katie smiles and says yes that must be it.

Brooke is shocked that Bill lied to Katie and played her this way for his own interests. Bill says he didn't want to do this to Katie but she pushed him to do it by taking everything he cared for away from him. Bill tells her to focus on what's important and that is that she hasn't lost him. He says they can married like she wanted to and Brooke looks at Bill with disgusted and appalled eyes in response.

Amidst their small talk Hope asks Caroline if she's okay with Maya being back. Caroline says yes because Maya is an asset to the company and she has no reason to feel insecure anymore because Maya is marrying Carter and she's marrying Rick; they have all moved on. Hope says she might even like Maya once she gets to know her. Caroline pulls a face and says that Rick and Carter are threatening to make them spend time together making Hope laugh. Hope tells her it sounds like she has a lot of Maya in her future then and Caroline says it sounds like she has a lot of Spencer men in her future then. She asks but which one, Liam or Wyatt. Hope looks unsure.

Wyatt taunts Liam about being linked with Hope and becoming her media darling. Liam gets annoyed and says yes because he's a jewel heist stopping hero. When Wyatt says Charlie had to do with that Liam sarcastically thanks him for, for once, giving someone else credit. Liam asks him to point out what he has done for him to be impressed with him and Wyatt says he can actually do that. Liam looks sour.

Katie tells Justin that she intends to be a part of the company still to which he says then this worked out for everyone. Katie says except for Brooke but that is what happens when you insert yourself in someone else's family. Katie asks Alison if she has seen Bill but she tells her she hasn't seen him either.

Bill tells Brooke that he knows she's having a hard time accepting this but in his world this is how deal get done. Brooke tells him that this is not some business deal, it is his family and her family at stake. She tells him not to justify this heartless thing that he has done. She says he lied to Katie and made her believe it. She says Katie trusted him. Bill says this wasn't easy for him but he had to do it for them. Brooke asks if he really thinks she's going to accept this despicable thing that he's done. She says no, he lied to Katie and her and what he did was cruel and callous just to get his company back. Bill says he did this for his son and for their future together. Brooke finally gets sick of Bill's refusal to see how wrong he is and slaps him. Bill is shocked at Brooke's reaction while Brooke continues seething in rage.

Wyatt proudly shows Liam the headline clippings about how he impressed Hope by saving the diamond. Liam is highly unimpressed and says if someone brought that to him in the PR department he would fire them because they are so lame and unprofessional. Wyatt says he still doesn't here him saying he did a good job. Liam pretends he's going to say it but never does leaving Wyatt annoyed and Liam smirking in amusement.

Bill tries to blame Katie for everything that has happened including his accident, saying she was on his mind when it happened. He tries to justify how he conned Katie and tells Brooke his commitment is now to her and the future they planned. Brooke tells Bill that she doesn't want him anymore shocking him into silence.

Liam tells Wyatt it's game on if he wants to play him for Hope. Caroline and Hope talk about Wyatt and the diamond heist, and it becomes clear that Hope really does believe the diamond theft to be real and that is the only reason why she sees Wyatt in such high regard. Caroline advises Hope to take her time and choose between Liam and Wyatt before she gets married because you remain married the rest of your life. Hope nods in agreement.

Bill tells Brooke that she doesn't mean that she really doesn't want him anymore, but Brooke says she does. Bill keeps trying to justify himself but Brooke tells him she could never have a life with him after how he lied to Katie. Katie enters at this time and hears everything. Outraged, she calls Bill a lying bastard. She says she knew it, she says she didn't want to believe it but she knew. She says he used her, lied to her by making her believe he loved her. She tells Brooke that she knows she had no part in this and says now they know what he's capable of because he lied to her too. Brooke says lies, all lies and both sisters look at Bill with angry, hateful eyes. 

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