B&B Wednesday Update 11/13/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/13/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie holds the papers and Justin is very happy for both of them. Katie looks over the papers. Justin tries to rush her.

Brooke explains that she has children and she has been a terrible influence. She wonders how weak she really is. She does not know how she is going to live with herself after all of this.

Wyatt says hey to Hope and explains that people are still talking about the diamond. Hope asks if he has talked to Bill because he has had some big changes in his life. Wyatt explains the last he heard Bill was rock climbing in Aspen. Hope explains that Bill fell but was ok. Wyatt is shocked. Hope says that the experience changed him and we went back to Katie.

Donna tells Brooke that this is not all her fault. Brooke knows that she should have said no. Brooke does not want an excuse. Donna believes this is over. She has asked for forgiveness. Brooke cannot do this though. She is happy that Bill is back where he belongs but she will not lie. She loves him still.

Bill tells Katie that if there is a problem that she does not need to do this now. Justin tells her it is just a signature. Katie believes they should just put this behind them. Katie signs the papers. Bill tells Justin to leave now. Bill and Katie kiss each other.

Wyatt actually thought they would have ended up together. Hope is sort of shocked. She thinks that Wyatt is part of the reason Bill decided to come back to Katie. Hope feels bad for Brooke, though. She believes she has a good heart and thinks Brooke wanted what was right for everyone.

Brooke wonders how she could have let this happen. Donna points out that she had just lost Ridge. Brooke knows that she betrayed their sister. Brooke will move on but right now things are not going well for her right now. Brooke cannot believe she went from having everything to having nothing. She know she deserves the pain she has inside her. She wants her sister back. She wants to repay the damage she has caused. The two hug.

Katie explains that Will and her have been sleeping better since Bill has been back. Bill says that everyone is done. Bill has missed his son and his job and he missed her. It is all behind them though. Katie was hurt. Bill was too. Katie wants to believe that everything is as it appears. Katie was not sure if she should sign the papers due to lack of trust. Katie knows she will have to get over it. Bill says that Katie could have waited. Katie wants to trust Bill and for the two of them to have everything. Bill explains he better go to work so he can spread the news. Katie tells him to have fun. Katie smiles as he leaves the room.

Wyatt tells Hope to have Brooke get to work. Hope thinks that is a good idea. Wyatt thinks her bedroom line was great. Hope does not want to blend Brooke's sensual feel with Hope's feel. Wyatt disagrees that Hope herself is not sensual. Hope does not know how Brooke is going to react to things right now. Hope is concerned right now.

Katie grabs Bill's jacket and hugs it.

Brooke goes to open the door and it is Bill. Brooke asks what she is doing here. Bill says he needs to talk. Bill explains he needs to calm down and listen to what he has to say. Bill explains he could not take it anymore. Brooke understands and wants Bill with Katie. Bill explains that he is happy he got Brooke in his life. Bill had to do something to get his life back. Brooke understands he went back to Katie. Bill says that is not the choice he made.

Hope explains that Brooke does not get over a man very easily. Wyatt thinks this time will be different. Hope cannot believe they made the cover of another magazine. Wyatt explains they are the biggest thing right now. Wyatt says she is a star. Hope explains he is a star maker. The two kiss passionately. They smile.

Katie puts Bill's picture back on the fireplace mantel. Katie thinks that things are going to be ok.

Brooke has no idea what Bill is talking about. Bill explains that saying what he had to say was hard and having to spend a few days apart was necessary. Brooke is still confused. Bill tells Brooke he lied to her so that Brooke would not look like a liar in front of Katie. Bill says he had papers drawn up so that he could have joint custody, so that he would have his company back. Brooke says that is great; he has everything he wants. Bill does not want Katie. Bill explains this it's his home. He has control of his life again. Brooke is shocked that Bill is not going back to Katie. Bill is sorry that he put Brooke through this. Bill believes that she can forgive him.

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