B&B Tuesday Update 11/12/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/12/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie wakes up in bed and Bill is already up looking at her. Bill says good morning and asks how she is feeling. Katie said last night was amazing and she cannot believe he is here. Katie believes things look great for them right now.

Brooke looks at the leaves that she pressed from Aspen. Donna comes in and tells Brooke she is so sorry. Brooke says that climbing that mountain was supposed to change everything. Brooke explains it did and starts to cry.

Liam looks at a picture of Hope on the cover of the magazine. Hope asks if Bill or Katie has come in. Liam says no one is in yet. Hope explains that Brooke should be ok. Hope tells Liam that Bill is an incredible jerk. Hope thinks that Bill is just terrible. Liam asks if Brooke is going to fight it. Hope explains she is not and she has a lot of respect for Brooke for not doing it.

Brooke says that Katie had to make sure and everything. Brooke explains that Bill is back where he belongs.

Bill feels like a new man. He has been in dangerous situations before but this was different. It was clear that he knew where he went wrong and this was just the first step to fix it. Katie kisses Bill and Will wakes up. Katie decides to go get him. Katie tells Bill to stay where he is.

Hope says that Brooke tried to keep her distance but everyone was telling them all no. Justin walks in and Liam explains that Katie is not in today. Liam tells Justin that Bill asked Katie if she would take him back. Justin is confused. Liam says that Bill fell off a cliff and he had a change of heart. Justin runs out after hearing this.

Donna cannot believe that Bill did not say anything to Brooke. Brooke does not blame Bill. Donna hopes that Brooke does not blame herself. Brooke explains that they all make mistakes and Bill is trying to correct his.

Bill plays with Will. Bill loves playing with Will and missed it. Bill can't have another one of his sons grow up with out him. Bill needs his son to know how much he loves him and how proud he is. Bill needed to survive. Bill and Katie's last conversation could have been an argument but now things will be different. Bill now has his head on straight he promises.

Liam thinks this is getting out of hand. He thanks Hope for telling him about his dad. Hope notices the magazine and cannot believe she is on the cover. Hope cannot believe that her line went from failing to thriving.

Brooke told Bill time and time again to go back to Katie for Will and now he decides to do it after all that has been said and done. Donna wonders if Brooke wanted them back together. Brooke explains she did, but their was no chance of them getting back together. Brooke wonders why she listened to him. She fought her feelings for so long and wonders why she gave in.

Bill thanks Katie for not burning the clothes he left behind. Bill knows that it will not always be easy for the two of them. Katie understands that things cannot get much worse. Katie has seen how Bill acts around Will and knows what is right. Katie is glad she let Bill back in and that is all that matters.

Hope reads the article about her and is impressed and smiles over what is said about her. She seems touched by it and thanks Liam. Liam says he is just doing his job. Hope explains that she really appreciates what Liam has been doing. Hope explains she loves Liam. Liam knows it and kisses Hope before she can say anything else. Liam also knows that as charmed as she is with Wyatt she does not feel the same way about him as she does with Liam.

Donna explains that Bill proposed to Brooke. Brooke never should have let that happen. She should not have listened to him. Family should have come first. Brooke explains Storm gave up everything for Katie to live. He gave her back to them. The two hug. Brooke thinks about Katie and cries.

Katie tells Bill she is not going to go into work today and Justin shows up. Justin says that he heard the good news. Justin explains he has papers for Katie to sign. Katie does not want to sign custody papers. Bill explains that he does not want Katie to have to sign this right now. Katie decides to sign the papers right now. Katie says it is for family.

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