B&B Monday Update 11/11/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/11/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie does not want to believe that Bill wants to come home. Bill claims that because he almost died, he saw what is important. He believes that he wants his old life back. Brooke explains that Bill is all hers.

Hope goes to open the door to find Liam. Liam is happy that Hope called. Hope explains that Brooke and Bill are back. Liam is shocked. Liam wonders if this has anything to do with the jewel thief. Hope says it has to do with their parents. Liam tells Hope that he feels that the Steffy video was taken out of context. Liam believes that it should be forgotten. Liam begs her to marry him. Liam believes they are ready to get married and he understands why they are not getting married. Liam feels that there is nothing else to figure out anymore and the only thing left is him. He explains that he is not going anywhere right now.

Katie tells Brooke that men have problems walking away from Brooke. Brooke says that Bill should have never been with her to begin with. Bill begs Katie to take him back, because he has had a change of heart and mind.

Hope knows that Liam feels this is straightforward but it is not that simple. Liam asks if it is because of Wyatt. Hope says he is part of it. Liam understands that it must feel good after years of being on the other side. Hope tells Liam that he cannot come in here and tell her that her feelings don't matter but then tell her they should get married. Hope is not going to say sorry for how she reacted. Hope believes she should be treated better. Liam claims to be able to handle this. Hope wonders if he is angry. Liam says he is frustrated. Hope does want to kiss Liam. Liam tells Hope to keep that feeling.

Bill explains that at the moment he was on the cliff, he knew he would be coming home to Katie. He is sorry to Brooke. Brooke tells him not be. Brooke believes that this is the way it should have been all along. Brooke tells Katie to think back to when the two were happy and they can be again. Katie believes so much has happened and every man wants her. Brooke understands that people think she goes after men but this was not the case. She knows that she should have been protecting them. She cannot believe she did this to her and wonders how Katie will forgive her. Brooke does not believe this matters because Bill is back for Katie. Katie asks to talk to Bill alone. Brooke leaves. Bill walks over to Katie and explains that it's Katie and only Katie. He wipes her tears. Katie believes that Brooke feels truthful but knows that Brooke will feel strange the next time they sleep together. Bill says this has nothing to do with Brooke. It has to do with Bill and his own reckless behavior. Bill understands now that this is his second chance. Bill tells Katie that he is a husband if she will take him back. Katie knows how Brooke acts around men. Bill assures her he will never go back to Brooke. Katie explains that she cannot make a choice in one night and needs time.

Liam is shocked that Bill almost died. He feels bad for trying to talk about his relationship when this happened. Hope explains that Bill is going back to Katie. Liam is shocked to hear this. Wyatt asks how Brooke is doing. Brooke walks in as Liam talks about Bill going back to Katie. Brooke explains that it is where he belongs.

Katie listens to Will on the baby monitor and sits in bed rubbing Bill's side of the bed. Bill walks into the room.

Hope asks Brooke what happened. Brooke explains that Bill is back with Katie or at least she thinks they are. Hope believes that Bill made the right choice. Brooke believes this is the right thing. Brooke just feels like a fool. Liam asks if Bill is sure about this. Brooke thinks it better be. Brooke is happy for Katie because she has her family back.

Katie asks what Bill is doing. Bill is making Katie make a choice now because he will not leave and wants to sleep in her bed. Katie has been waiting so long for Bill to come back and say all the right things. Her heart wants to believe him but she cannot. Katie asks how she can trust Bill. Bill explains that Katie knows him more than anyone. Katie sees love in his eyes. The two kiss. Katie cries but they start to kiss again. Katie thanks God that Bill is home. The two hug.

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