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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/8/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Katie tells Bill that he doesn't know what he's saying right now, she says he's not himself but Bill insists he's more himself than he has been in a very long time. He says he was a fool to give up everything that ever mattered to him and begs Katie to give him another chance. He begs her to take him back as Katie struggles to make sense of his sudden request and change of heart. Brooke sits alone in the darkness and thinks about Bill and their past together. Hope arrives home and is startled seeing her mother in the dark before she sees Brooke's tears and realizes something is wrong and it has to do with Bill.

Hope asks Brooke to tell her what Bill did. Brooke tells Hope about Bill's accident before saying she can't talk to her about this and moving to leave. Hope says she's sorry for making her feel like she can't talk to her about this but tells her she can talk to her because she loves her. Brooke breaks down and tells Hope that everything she said was true that she did hurt Katie and Will and she can't forgive herself because that's something only someone with no soul would do to their own sister.

Bill tells Katie that he couldn't go on with the life he was living because he didn't recognize himself anymore. Katie reminds him that he said he was happy and fulfilled but Bill says no it was just a fantasy; a daydream of a boy with no responsibilities that wasn't worthy of him. Katie says that Brooke must have kicked him out but Bill says she would never have done that and he doesn't want to talk about her anyway. Katie remarks that if he didn't want to talk about Brooke then he shouldn't have cheated on her with her. Bill asks her if she really thinks he doesn't know that by now.

Katie tells him he has to go, but Bill insists it's over with Brooke. Katie refuses to believe him easily and turns away saying she doesn't think so. Frustrated, she asks him what he wants from her because she was his jailor, she was demanding and frustrating, and paranoid. Bill says she was only giving him what he needed and he can admit that now. He says he doesn't need someone who will say yes to everything he thinks but someone who will keep him grounded like she does. He tells her she was right about everything; his drinking, racing, the climb and so on. He tells her he needs her and he needs them to be like they were before so in love and so happy. He asks why can't he have that back and Katie listens with tears in her eyes. He says they can have that back if they try hard enough. Katie continues crying and looking into his eyes searchingly.

Brooke tells Hope that she should have listened to her because now she lost Bill and she lost her pride. She sighs and says now all she has left are these stupid leaves from her trip to Aspen. She says she was so selfish and Hope says Bill was the one who was selfish. She says she really wishes she would stop hating herself and try hating Bill who is really to blame for this mess. Brooke says Bill has his conscience to deal with which Hope agues Bill doesn't even have. Brooke says she knows Hope wants her to feel better but she needs to be a better person because good people don't do what she did. Hope asks Brooke if she thinks it would have been forever, her and Bill. Brooke says it's going to be hard for her to face people now. Hope offers to talk to Katie but Brooke says no and says she's with Bill now. Hope says Katie will never take him back but Brooke says she will. Hope is frustrated and asks why Katie would ever be so gullible to take Bill back.

Katie tells Bill that they can't go back to the way things were because he destroyed them. She tells him there is nothing for him here anymore and begs him to go. Bill keeps saying that she still loves him but Katie turns away saying she can't have this discussion. He says he was stupid to throw everything he had away and says just standing here now with her in the same room he feels an electric current going through him. Katie shakes her head and says she can't, she isn't going to buy any of these words he's saying. She says he had a near-death experience and maybe he had some regrets because of it and that is why this is just a reflex and reaction of that and nothing more. She says he'll adjust soon enough. Bill keeps pushing for her to love him again and Katie picks up her phone and calls Brooke over saying they need to talk.

Hope calls Donna over to let her know what is going on. Donna asks if Katie said what she wanted with Brooke, and Hope tells her no, she just asked to see her. Donna asks if Bill was there and Hope says probably. Hope wonders if she did the right thing letting her mom go to Katie's while Donna bashes Bill by saying she hates him for what he's done to the Logan sisters. Hope says she's not sure Katie is going to take Bill back and when she doesn't, he will probably come back to Brooke and they both know how her least favorite thing to say to a man is no. Donna looks worried.

Brooke arrives at Katie's house and Katie accuses Brooke of conspiring with Bill to help him get his company, his cars and his life back. Brooke is appalled at the accusation and asks if she thinks she would really do that to which Katie says her problem with them isn't that she's paranoid, but that she's never paranoid enough to guard her from their coming actions. Brooke tells Katie that Bill doesn't have an agenda; he just wants to be with her and he was only with her to rebel against her and hurt her. Katie asks Bill if that's true and he says he did love Brooke. They share a moment before Katie asks Brooke if she is expecting her to be happy over getting her hand-me-downs like she was when they were kids. Brooke says the only important thing here is that she is happy but says at this point it seems like she wants her happiness more than Katie does.

Donna helps Hope through her jitters before giving her the advice to change the locks to keep Bill out and leaving.

Katie asks Brooke how she can ever resume a relationship with a man who has proven over and over that she can't trust him and why she would ever want a man who comes back to her smelling like her sister. Brooke says because Bill belongs to her, but Katie says maybe once upon at time ago. Brooke makes Bill's case for him and tells Katie that she knows she can love Bill again because she knows now how hard it is to stop loving him.

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