B&B Thursday Update 11/7/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/7/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke is torn up over Bill going back to Katie. On one hand she says he should have never left Katie but on the other she is mad at him for making her believe he wanted to be with her instead. Brooke tells Bill to never touch her again. Katie's secretary makes her angry when she suggests that Bill and Brooke together was what she wanted herself. Rick asks Maya to re-assume her position as Hope For The Future's spokes-model which she joyfully accepts.

Maya realizes Carter spoke to Rick about her wanting to be back at Forrester. Rick tells her that Carter will do anything to put a smile on her face. He asks her if she's mad at Carter but she says no, it's typical Carter “wonderfulness”. She thanks Rick for making it so easy and says she won't let them down again. Rick welcomes Maya back to the company making her smile.

Katie tells Adele that she only did that because of her postpartum depression. Once Adele leaves for the day, Katie remembers her illness and what it made her do, something she would never have done in her right mind.

Brooke starts rambling about how wrong she was to break up a family and hurt her baby sister and take Bill away from his son. Bill protests that he did what he did of his own volition, but Brooke says he did that to be with her and for what? She says to end it like this overnight? Like it was nothing? Bill tells her that his near death experience jolted him into realizing what was most important to him. Brooke asks if she was just a conquest to him but Bill tells her he loves her. Brooke tells him his love hurts like hell then making him teary.

Maya scares Carter by pretending to be mad at him for talking to Rick for her job before revealing that she's thrilled. Maya thanks him for what he did for her, and Carter scoops her up in his arms and smiles as Maya laughs in happiness.

Rick tells Caroline that Maya is back as Hope For The Future's spokes-model which does not make her happy. Caroline asks Rick if he's really going to put her through this again. Rick says not if it's a big problem for her but asks her to speak up now if it is or else it will be too late. Caroline stares back at Rick.

Katie spends time with her son but is distracted with thoughts of Aspen where she, under the influence of her postpartum depression, set the whole Bill and Brooke affair into motion.

Bill tells Brooke that letting her go is killing him. Brooke asks what difference it makes because it should have never happened in the first place. She says but he insisted being Dollar Bill Spencer. She says he takes what he wants, when he wants it and when he's done, he's gone. Bill says he knows it seems that way but Brooke insists it is true because that is what he did with his business, with Katie and what he's doing with her right now. Brooke asks herself how she could be so gullible. She says she should have listened to her conscience like Hope told her to and not listen to her heart. She says but hey it's karma because you can't really build happiness on the ruins of someone else's life like she was trying to. Bill says she has no idea how hard this is for him and Brooke snaps that she bets he wants her to make it easier for her and she will. She says she releases him to go back to Katie and says while he's basking in the glow of Katie's love he should convince her sister to forgive her.

When the plane lands, Brooke hurries to get off, but Bill grabs her wrist and tells her she was no conquest to him; she was everything he ever wanted and always will be. Brooke pulls her arm away and orders him to stop it. She tells him not to hurt Katie and be the husband Katie thought he could be, and when he makes a commitment, mean it. Brooke leaves saying she will find her own way home.

Caroline tells Rick he doesn't have to change a thing, she's okay with Maya coming back because he's engaged to her and Maya is engaged to Carter. She says everyone is happy. Rick tells Caroline he found her so sexy when she was jealous making her kiss him but Maya and Carter walk in forcing them to stop. Caroline welcomes Maya back by calling her Mirabelle and Maya says it's like she never left leaving Caroline to say well she wanted her to feel welcome.

Katie tells Will that she knows he misses his dad and tells him to never doubt how much Bill loves him. She says he's the one thing Bill and her agree on; the most amazing little miracle. Bill soundlessly enters the house but when the door slams shut Katie is startled to see him. She asks him what he's doing here and Bill tells her he needs to hold his son. Confused, Katie says okay before bringing Will over to him. Bill tells her about his accident, about how he almost died leaving her shocked. Katie starts to cry at the thought of him dying as he says it's true what they say about your life flashing before your eyes when you're about to die. He says it happened to him and certain things became very clear.

Brooke returns home and cries over her memories of Bill.

Bill tells Katie she was right about him not doing the solo climb because it was too dangerous. He says she was right about a lot of things. Katie says thank God he's okay, because she doesn't know what she would have done had something happened to him. Bill tells Katie he had an epiphany when he thought he was dying and he now knows where he needs to be. He says he wants to be home with his son and her. He asks Katie if she will let him come home stunning her completely.

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