B&B Wednesday Update 11/6/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/6/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

As Bill stands outside, Brooke shows him a leaf, thinking that it looks pretty. She wants to have them pressed so she can save them. Bill explains he is just trying to think of things. Brooke says that Bill is going to be ok, because that is all that really matters. Bill believes all he needs is Brooke to keep his mind straight.

Carter says it is good to be back with Maya. Maya loves having him back. Carter wants Maya to come with him next time.

Caroline is happy that they have a the jewelry heist. Caroline wonders if Hope and Wyatt had everything under control. Rick believes that Hope had it all under control. Rick wants to get married right away.

Maya looks at photos and remembers the day they took them. Maya wonders if she made a mistake. Maya believes that she was given an incredible opportunity with Forrester and she would like to come back to work at Forrester.

Caroline wants control over the wedding and wants to get married on a boat. Rick says anywhere. Rick will get married in the Valley if she wants. Caroline mentions that is where Bill and Katie got married. Caroline wonders if Bill is committed to Brooke. Rick believes so.

Brooke and Bill get on the plane and are told they will be taking off shortly. Brooke asks if Bill is ok. Brooke knows that Bill could have died and he must have been terrified. Bill is not going to let anyone get the best of him.

Maya misses Forrester and it has nothing to do with Rick. She loves the vibe and the people at Forrester. Carter thought that Maya liked working on Room 8. Maya does but she wants to be a model. Carter wants to make sure that Maya is over Rick. Maya says that she is committed to Carter and no one else. Maya had a fun relationship with Rick, but she is marrying Carter and everything is the way it should be. Carter tells Maya to stay here and he will be right back. Maya kisses him and tells him that he has been gone too long.

Rick says that Brooke is coming back because something happened on the mountain. Caroline is worried about Bill but explains things will be fine. Caroline never wants Rick to do something so dangerous.

Brooke is still shaking. Bill did not expect what was happening. Bill should have known better. Brooke tells him not to worry and explains it will be a great story to tell Will one day. Brooke does not know what she would have done if she had lost Bill. Bill is sorry. Brooke tells him not to apologize. Bill says that this was life changing.

Caroline is shocked to see Maya who she calls Martha. Maya asks if anyone ever calls Caroline Carolynn. Caroline explains it drives her crazy. Maya tells her that is what she is going to call her from now on then.

Carter comes to Rick. He asks if Rick is busy. Rick says no and it is nice to see him back in the office. Carter says he has a favor to ask. He would like to have Maya come back as a model for Hope for the Future.

Maya congratulates Caroline and Caroline shows her the diamond. Maya says she misses Forrester. Maya believes it was hard. Caroline believes Maya is regretting it and says she actually was a good model.

Rick believes that it might be a bad idea for Maya to come back. Carter believes that Maya is no longer a threat. Carter believes that Forrester made Maya feel special and she deserves a shot. Carter asks Rick to give Maya another chance.

Bill believes that it took almost dying for him to understand who he really is. Bill's life really did flash before his life. He had an epiphany and he knows he has been doing it all wrong. Bill decides that he needs to take his life back and get his company and son back. He is sorry but he never meant to hurt Brooke, but it is the only solution. He is going back to Katie.

Maya looks at her old photos and thinks about the times she had modeled. She smiles, and she hears someone thinking it was Carter. It is Rick who says that Carter is committed. Rick says that he misses Maya and she was a beautiful addition. Rick knows she felt she had to resign. Maya felt it was the best thing for everyone. Rick knows that everyone is happy now. Rick believes Maya is missing from the company though. Rick asks if Maya will return.

Brooke cannot believe this. Bill does not have a right to ask for her to understand, but his life has been terrible and Brooke has been miserable. Bill believes it will fix everything. Brooke has been telling him to do this from the start. She cannot believe this after all he said and did. Brooke says she knew it and should have listened to herself and not her heart. She cannot deal with it. She mentions all the times that Bill said he loved her. Brooke reminds him of all the times he did this. Brooke cannot believe this. Brooke believed him. She asks how he could do this. Brooke asks who the hell he is. Brooke tells him to go. To go back to Katie.

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