B&B Tuesday Update 11/5/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/5/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ramona watch Bill climb the wall. Bill attempts to climb but hears Katie's voice in his head and struggles. Bill falls but his rope is still connected. Brooke screams for his name.

Liam asks where Will is. Katie explains that Donna sent him home. Katie knows that Liam wants Bill back. Liam asks if Bill has called. Katie has heard nothing and is sure that Bill is probably in bed with Katie.

Quinn cannot believe that Wyatt would do that. Wyatt explains that the robbers were not planned and it all went down better than expected. Wyatt did want the publicity but the news is being heard around the world. Quinn asks if Wyatt plans to tell Hope what she did. Hope overhears and wants to know what she's talking about.

Pam walks in and jokes about the stick-up and Rick, Caroline and Eric follow her in. Thorne asks Charlie if it was a huge problem. Oliver takes pictures. Eric asks if Wyatt is ok. Wyatt says no, but Quinn was a bit freaked out. Wyatt believes that everything that happened today was a win-win for everyone.

Katie knows that Liam does not like the changes. Katie will not change the past. She knows that Bill and Brooke are having fun in Aspen, and she will not give up what she has left. Katie believes free falling is dangerous and hopes that Bill has come to his senses.

Bill struggles to make it back up. Brooke screams for him to hold on.

Two employees run into Katie's office and explain that someone tried to break into the Forrester store. Katie tells them to get to the store.

Eric believes that they should celebrate that everyone is alright. Pam offers Charlie is lemon bars. Caroline and Rick notice that Pam is crushing. Thorne explains that Officer Backer claims that the thieves don't think they stole the diamond. Wyatt tells them all it does not matter right now because every thing is perfect.

Bill is still dangling. Brooke tells him to hold on again. Bill is told that he has to climb to the top. Bill starts to climb.

Liam does not like that Wyatt is being called a hero.

Eric toasts Charlie and Wyatt. Pam gives Charlie another lemon bar as he goes to get rid of the press. Eric wonders if Quinn is proud of Wyatt. Quinn is but still was worried. The press are let in from Spencer. Wyatt explains that one thing he wants to get across is that the diamond is still going to be on display and they plan to make a replica diamond for sale.

Bill attempts to climb and thinks about Will and he starts to climb. He makes it all the way to the top. Bill makes it back down and Brooke hugs him and asks if he is ok. Bill says he is now.

Katie asks if Liam is worried about him and Hope. Liam thinks that he just has one lucky break. Liam will not allow this to work for him.

Hope explains that picking Quinn and Wyatt was a perfect choice. Wyatt explains that he should be grateful. Wyatt knows how Eric runs the company and believes he is a good man. He is humbled and flattered. Wyatt tells Charlie that he came through for all of them. Eric likes Wyatt's unconventional thinking. Wyatt then thanks Hope explaining she is gorgeous and inspiring. Wyatt has been trying to find a way to let the world know it and now they do.

Charlie gives his "story" of what happened and the press love every moment of it. Charlie then decides to explain that this is not about him. It should be about the bravest man he knows. Wyatt. Eric thanks Charlie for what he has done.

Brooke asks how Bill is feeling. Bill says he is good and for Brooke to stop worrying. Bill says that he lost his balance and he was in trouble. Brooke will never let Bill mountain climb again. Brooke was worried she had lost him. Brooke and Bill say they love each other. The two kiss passionately.

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