B&B Monday Update 11/4/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/4/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill and Brooke are on the cliff and Bill cannot get the voice of Katie out of his head. Bill does not know what he wants to do.

Donna takes Will out but Katie does not want Donna to be imposed. Donna does not feel imposed and hopes that Katie is not working to hard. Katie explains she is not and she loves working.

Wyatt explains to Charlie that someone stole the diamond. Charlie goes crazy and searches for the diamond. Wyatt tells Charlie to stop looking because it is gone. Wyatt explains that it could not have been gone long. Charlie wants to call the police and Wyatt agrees to get the word out.

Quinn tells Hope that she can get her designs for her at the end of the week. Quinn believes that they have a great partnership.

Charlie begs to the police to come quickly. Charlie explains that he does not need to be paid until they find the diamond. Charlie is baffled and wants to finger print everywhere. Wyatt notices that they have costumers and they are two woman dressed in drag. They take out guns and hold them at gun point. They want to know where the diamond is.

Katie tells Donna that Bill is not sticking with the custody arrangement. Katie hopes that Bill is enjoying his time with Brooke.

Bill continues to make it up the cliff. Bill starts to struggle and is told to focus. He decides to let Brooke catch up.

Hope gets confirmation that the limo is ready. Quinn will never get over the perks of this job. She thanks her for the opportunity. She also believes Wyatt has grown as a person.

The robbers demand to have the diamond, but Wyatt claims not to have it. They have him open the safe. The police obviously show up and Wyatt puts the diamond in one of their purses.

Katie knows that Bill is going to give up on Bill eventually. Katie knows that Bill does not like the limitations but he will thank her one day.

Brooke tries to get further up the mountain and asks Ramona if Bill is ok. She believes that Bill is in good hands. Brooke decides she wants to take a break. Ramona explains they can stop at anytime as they are at the mid point. Ramona tells her they will be find.

Quinn asks if Eric will be at the event tonight. Hope says that he will. Hope gets a message saying the diamond has been stolen and they have to get to the store.

The robbers demand to be let free. The police look through their bags and the diamond is revealed. They are booked for attempted robbery.

Katie explains that she needs her son to have stability. Nothing is more important than that. Bill claims to want to spend time with Will but does some really foolish things. She wonders if Bill thinks what it would do to Will and Katie.

Brooke and Ramona take a break and Ramona asks if they should keep going. Brooke does not wish to go any higher. Brooke tells Bill that she has to stop. Bill explains there is no problem. Bill does not want to stop though. Brooke looks worried. Bill clearly is having trouble and starts thinking about a conversation with Katie.

Hope cannot believe that it is all over the news. Press show up and Wyatt explains that for a brief moment the diamond was stolen but that Charlie saved Wyatt's life and was a hero. Hope is clearly shocked and Quinn looks happy.

Katie gives Will to Donna and asks Donna to call if Brooke calls. Katie feels like she knows Bill will fall and is scared.

Brooke and Ramona continue to watch. Bill falls off the cliff after hearing voices in his head.

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