B&B Thursday Update 10/31/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/31/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke enjoys the sights in Aspen and Bill complains that if Katie has it her way, this retreat will soon belong to someone else. Brooke says that Katie may change her mind since right now she's hurt and lashing out, but Bill thinks that Katie is just plain out playing dirty. He says especially what she is doing with Will, shutting him out of his son's life. He says that she is going down a dangerous road that she doesn't really want to go down.

Katie deals with more resistance over her being CEO from Spencer's partners and workers which stresses her out. She cheers up when Hope talks to her before Adele comes to tell her she has her doctor's appointment now and should leave for it. Katie gets teary and Hope asks her what's wrong. Katie says Bill used to always go with her to her exams. Hope offers to go with Katie despite Katie's protests and tells her to just thank her and go with her. Katie smiles and says thanks and Hope looks visibly upset for Katie as she hugs her aunt and tries to comfort her. 

Wyatt talks to the security guard who reveals he knows a lot of about jewel heists because his job calls for that kind of knowledge. Wyatt asks him to tell him more as he listens while looking like he is up to something. Wyatt continues talking to the guard about famous jewel heists and recent ones with crafty thieves. He tells Wyatt that thieves are very skilled with their jobs and you never know who is a thief in a crowd before he gets back to guarding the diamond. Wyatt glances at the diamond again and looks like he's plotting something.

While at the doctor's, Hope asks Katie if she is hiding anything about her heart condition. Katie tells her that there is nothing wrong with her heart except that it is broken. Hope feels miserable for Katie's situation with Bill and Brooke as Katie talks about how today is Halloween and Bill should be taking Will and her trick-or-treating but instead he's in Aspen with Brooke. The doctor arrives and asks how she's been to which Katie says she's been under some stress because of her marriage issues and since she's taken on a new job. The doctor says they should run tests to see how she's holding up and Katie looks nervous.

Brooke and Bill arrive in their room at the retreat. Brooke says that Katie isn't anywhere close to accepting their relationship and Bill once again says that she should be because them being together was all her idea. He talks about how being with him must be putting a strain on Brooke though and Brooke says it's been a challenge with Katie and Hope but not being with him is unthinkable to her. Bill smiles and they kiss before sharing a hug.

Quinn tries to touch the diamond and is almost stopped by the guard, but Wyatt arrives and says it's okay because she is his mother and also the reason why the diamond is here in the first place. Charlie apologizes and Quinn pulls Wyatt aside. She tells Wyatt that the guard doesn't seem the least bit intimidating and asks why he's guarding Ricardo's priceless diamond. She asks Wyatt why he isn't concerned about the diamond's safety. Wyatt says Charlie is the perfect man for the job leaving his mother lost.

Bill and Brooke are about the start climbing the mountain. Bill is advised not to go solo but he ignores the advice. Bill asks Brooke if she's having any second thoughts about climbing the mountain but Brooke just giggles and says never making him happy. During dinner, Bill complains to Brooke that he was really looking forward to taking Will trick-or-treating but Katie wouldn't allow it. Brooke talks about R.J.'s Halloween and says she spoke to him earlier today. She says she misses him. Bill says that at least he's out of town, he's missing his son just because Katie is too busy making him miserable to let him see Will. Bill continues badmouthing Katie and complaining about her every move to which Brooke just nods along in agreement before saying she hears a bear. Bill is confused at that and Brooke leaves to check on the bear with an obviously seductive look on her face.

Pam talks to Charlie and brings him lemon bars. She says after tasting the delicious brownies he made, she just thought she'd return the favor. Charlie tastes the lemon bar and tells her the ingredients after just one bite. Pam looks visibly impressed  and in awe of Charlie and his talents.

The doctor reveals Katie's exam results and tells her everything is in perfect shape. He says she is a living miracle leaving Katie to laugh and Hope to look relieved in the background that her aunt is holding up to everything she is facing. The doctor tells her if she keeps up what she's doing then her son will have her around for a very long time. Katie thanks him and he says it's always a pleasure to deliver good news. Hope says not just good news but the best news making Katie smile. Katie starts to cry and talks about how she never expected herself to be in this situation; betrayed by Brooke and without Bill by her side. Hope tells Katie that she deserves so much better than Bill Spencer. Katie sighs sadly and says the trouble is that it's only Bill who she wants.

Bill and Brooke start kissing passionately after Brooke seduces him dressed in a shirt as a bear costume.

Wyatt video calls Hope and tells her that it has been another successful day at the boutique with people lined up to see the diamond. Wyatt tells her and it's about to be more successful. Hope asks him what he's up to and he says he has his ways before saying goodnight to her and hanging up. Quinn once again asks her son if he's sure about the guard he has watching the diamond being good enough. Wyatt finally tells his mother that he has a plan to make things even better pertaining to the diamond which makes Quinn nervous. She warns him not to do anything to mess up the lives they have now because she is sure he doesn't want to go back to how things were before they linked up with Forrester. Wyatt tells her that blowing things is not part of his plan. Quinn continues to look concerned.

Katie has a premonition of Bill falling off the mountain and she calls Bill to stop him. Bill is in bed with Brooke when she calls and Brooke takes the call. She tells Brooke about her bad feeling over them doing this mountain climb. She begs Brooke to stop Bill but Brooke just hangs up on her after saying that both Bill and her are determined to do this. Brooke does talk to Bill about Katie's concerns, but Bill doesn't look like he is taking any of them seriously.

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