B&B Wednesday Update 10/30/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/30/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Bill sit on the plane on the way to Aspen. Brooke is clearly worried about climbing. Brooke explains that everything will be fine with Will. Bill tells Brooke that Katie will not get away with what she is doing.

Katie holds Will and explains that Bill can climb every mountain in Aspen but he is not going to do it while his son is around. Hope comes to see Katie. Katie's assistant leaves. Hope says hello to Will and tells Katie that Bill and Brooke went to Aspen. Katie is aware and cannot believe that he cannot even have a civil conversation with her.

Wyatt is in the Forrester store and thinks about Hope's choices. Caroline and Pam asks why Wyatt is frowning. Wyatt explains that they need to keep things up avoiding the subject. Pam is attracted to the security guard. Caroline and Wyatt try to ignore what she said. Caroline tells Wyatt he better not be here just to be around Hope. Wyatt explains that he is here to make sure nothing happens to the diamond. He goes over to the guard and he explains that everything is going fine.

Katie knows how Bill can be when someone tries to play with him. Hope explains that she tried to tell Brooke to listen to her brain and not her heart this time around.

Brooke thinks that Bill and Will are going to see each other in a few days. Bill does not think that Katie has any right to tell him what to do.

Pam makes eyes with the security guard and Wyatt wonders if the guard is easily distracted. Caroline thinks that things are going fine. Pam tells them that he is armed and dangerous. Caroline tells both of them to do their jobs. Pam asks what exactly is Wyatt's job.

Hope wants to make sure that she is not keeping Katie from working. Katie says that things are fine because she is still thinking about Bill and Brooke. Katie did not want Brooke and Bill to be around Will right now. Hope points out that he was leaving town. Katie does not want Bill to be able to just do what he wants. He needs to think about his consequences. Hope believes that having her around the house does not make it better for Brooke and Bill.

Bill cannot believe that Katie wants to get rid of his things. Bill believes Katie is going to fail miserably. Brooke believes that this is her fault. Bill does not think that is the case and says that she is worth having to give up everything. The two kiss.

Katie thanks Hope for the support but that this is her battle and she should be planning her wedding. Hope says that is on hold. Katie is sorry. Hope wants to just focus on work right now and explains that Hope for the Future was dead but now it is back. Katie asks about Wyatt. Hope explains that he is great and helps a lot.

Wyatt asks Pam who she would talk to if he wanted to set up a meeting with marketing. Pam explains she would. Wyatt explains that he can get the security guard's number if she promises to set the meeting. Pam smells brownies and Charlie explains he made them. Pam is mad that she couldn't bring lemon bars. Caroline tells them no food.

Brooke and Bill arrive in Aspen and ride in a car looking around the mountain area. Brooke and Bill kiss on the road.

Wyatt is impressed that Charlie had been working for thirty years. Charlie tells them that he always takes classes to improve. Pam is very impressed. Charlie knows that if someone stole this diamond that it would make huge news. Pam asks if Charlie uses powdered sugar. Wyatt gets an idea.

Katie thinks that Brooke is in Aspen by now. Hope knows but is not expecting a call. Hope knows that Bill does not make the best of choices. Katie cannot understand why Bill has to do this. Katie explains that this has only made things worse for Brooke and Bill. Katie believes they are alike, because they need to prove to the world they are free and adventurous.

Bill and Brooke make it to the cabin and Bill explains that everything they do . together is an adventure. Bill knows that Katie does not believe it but knows that things will work out for Brooke and Bill when they climb the mountain. He knows that as long as he looks at Brooke he will be exactly where is meant to be. Brooke and Bill kiss again.

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