B&B Tuesday Update 10/29/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/29/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope asks if Wyatt knew about Quinn sending the video again.

Katie explains that Will is not aloud in Brooke's house while Bill and Brooke are sleeping together.

Bill packs for his trip to Aspen and Justin comes over explaining that Katie would not let Will come over.

Liam thinks about Hope again.

Hope demands to know. Quinn explains that Wyatt had nothing to do with it. Wyatt explains that Hope deserves an honest answer and asks for a moment alone. Quinn goes out in the hallway. Wyatt explains that he did know.

Quinn goes into Hope's office and confronts Liam. Liam believes that if Wyatt knew about the video that it does not help his case. Liam knows that it will change things for everyone.

Wyatt only found out a long time after the video was sent. Wyatt did not tell her because it was after everyone had moved on. He believes that Hope deserved to know.

Katie thinks that Brooke and Bill sleeping together is disgusting. Donna asks if she can take Will over in a little bit. Katie explains it won't matter because they are going to Aspen.

Bill looks at papers Justin has given him and cannot believe that the numbers for Spencer are down a lot. Brooke says it will be fine if he can climb a mountain he can do anything.

Liam wants to know why Quinn wants to take down him so much. Quinn thinks that Liam is selfish and a jerk. Liam thinks that her problem with him is Bill. Quinn believes that there is a difference and she is over him. Quinn knows that Liam chose to make the video. Liam knows Quinn does not care about Hope and now finally will see the type of person Wyatt is.

Wyatt explains that Liam made the video. Hope knows that both of them meant well. Hope explains that she has been manipulated a lot by everyone so many times. Wyatt says that it's not a manipulation from them, because they did not do it -- they just sent it. Hope does not want a relationship based on manipulation. Wyatt notices that Hope said relationship and takes this as a way of saying they are in a relationship.

Katie and Donna cannot believe that Bill is going to go climbing over a mountain. Katie gets a call from Bill. Bill wants to know why he cannot see his son. Katie says he will not be in Brooke's house. Katie explains that he should not be running away from his children. Katie does not think it is safe for him to be free falling from a mountain. Bill will see his son when he gets back.

Hope explains that he knows what she meant. Wyatt believes something different. Liam walks in and tells Wyatt to go find his mother. Wyatt is not going anywhere. Wyatt tells Liam not to turn this around. Liam believes what he did only benefits himself. Wyatt did not make the video and had Liam not made the video, there would be no video to send. Liam does not believe it matters. Hope explains that she is disappointed in both of them for what they did.

Katie thinks what Bill is doing is a bad choice. Donna is worried about Brooke. Katie does not think that either of them know what they are getting into.

Brooke does not think what Katie is doing is a good idea. Bill cannot let Katie do what she is doing. Brooke knows that Bill will fix everything. Bill knows that they are going to have a great time.

Wyatt wants to know if Hope is more upset with Liam. Hope is not going to answer and will not get sucked into their hatred. Hope is going to enjoy her professional success and put her personal love on hold. She is going to focus on her career. Wyatt is fine with that. Liam wants a moment alone. Wyatt leaves. Liam understands but wants to know if Hope still loves him and wants to be with him. Hope wants time alone. Liam explains that they could get married right now. Hope will not get married right now. Liam knows that Steffy will not show up in her life. Hope will not let her personal life control him. She is in love with Liam but she is not ready. It's not about Liam. She needs to be alone right now to focus on who she is and what she wants. Hope still does love him though. The two kiss.

Katie tells Will that Brooke and Bill are going to Aspen, and they need to think good thoughts that they will be ok.

Brooke and Bill get on the Forrester plane. Bill is happy even if it is not his own personal jet. Brooke and Bill are excited. Bill gets a report from Ramona saying that there are some wind issues that could happen. Brooke is a bit scared but does not want to sound like Katie. Bill does not believe that Brooke sounds anything like Katie. This climb is for them and it will be an incredible experience. It will change their lives forever.

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